GIFs for Filibuster Friday and Vote Early Day

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October 15: Filibuster Friday! Supporting Brady

Whether it’s protecting our democracy, building a better economy, saving the environment, or ending gun violence, the filibuster is standing in our way and it is killing us. On Friday, October 15, join in Filibuster Friday by sharing these GIFs and demanding an end to the filibuster. 

Use these hashtags in your posts: #TheFilibusterIsKillingUs, #FilibusterFriday, #EndTheFilibuster

Visit this website to learn more about the filibuster and how you can fight to end it.

October 23: Vote Early Day 2021

Early voting is one of the best ways to fight back against Republican voter suppression, and October 23rd is a great day to get a head start. Share these GIFs to spread the word about Vote Early Day and help get out the vote!

Image of calendar pages coming off with the text on the day it lands on saying "today is vote early day. October 23rd"
Moving text and ballot boxes that say "October 23rd national vote early day"
Hands sticking out of text holding mail and hearts. The text states "vote early day oct 23rd"

Freedom to Vote Act

Next week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is finally going to bring critical voting rights legislation to a vote in the Senate. We need to make sure that every single member of Congress knows just how critical this moment is, because our democracy truly hangs in the balance. Use these GIFs to support the Freedom to Vote Act and fight back against voter suppression.

Image of people's hands raised in the air holding ballots with the words "pass the freedom to vote act" written
Image of Captain America pointing with the phrase "I want you to pass the freedom to vote act" written on screen
Image of a women holding her arm out with the words "we can make all voting machines in the USA. Pass the freedom to vote act" written

Two images of Earth. One with a hat and hair and the other regular. The caption says "based on how we treat the Earth you'd think it looked like this, instead of this"
Image of Carl from Jimmy Neutron that says "Yeah i's a simp. S-super, I-into, M-making sure i consume less, p-plastic"
Image of Kirby. The first image is of him eating food with the caption that says "politicians when it comes to taking "donations" from multi-billion dollar corporations"

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