What’s in the Build Back Better bill for you? Freedom to thrive.

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What’s in the Build Back Better bill for you? Freedom to thrive.

No matter what we look like or where we come from, we value our freedom. Why are some Senators denying us the freedom to thrive?

The freedom to make a good living, have great care and quality education for our kids, affordable meds for our families, and clean air and water for generations to come. That’s why 70% of Americans support the Build Back Better Act

But today, a handful of politicians doing the bidding of corporations and billionaires profiting off this pandemic, want to block this bill to create good jobs, expand childcare, fund schools, make meds more affordable and protect our air and water. They hope to turn us against the courageous representatives fighting to deliver what Americans favor, just so they can keep letting their donors dodge taxes, pollute, and block our freedoms. Demand that the leaders we elected make the Build Back Better Act law now and make this a place where all of us have the freedom to thrive, no exceptions.

Click on this interactive map to check the conditions where you live and call your Senator to make sure they are represent you and not doing the bidding of billionaires.

But today, a handful of politicians doing the bidding of corporations and billionaires profiting off this pandemic, want to block this bill to create good jobs, expand childcare, fund schools, make meds more affordable and protect our air and water.

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Denying Americans the freedom to thrive

Nearly every 2022 GOP Senate candidate opposes the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Democrats today voted to advance consideration of historic investments in infrastructure, jobs, families, and communities across the country. The vote comes after Democrats in the Senate earlier this month passed President Biden’s broadly-popular bipartisan infrastructure deal, which will invest billions into fixing broken roads, bridges, and water infrastructure, expand broadband access, and create millions of jobs. But despite the bill’s clear benefits for states, cities, towns and rural communities across the country, 2022 Republican U.S. Senate candidates are broadly lining up against the deal — just like 2022 incumbents Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio, who voted against the measure.” – American Bridge

Judge for yourself

Check for yourself on how well your county is doing? Access to healthcare. Job opportunities. Education opportunities for your children. Clean air to breathe and water to drink. Why would a politician deny you and your family the funds to thrive?

Judge for yourself on how well your elected official is representing you.

TakeAway: Make it easy for people to judge for themselves when politicians ignore their well being, but cater to special interests. Use a StoryMap to make the data easy to understand.


Credit: ASO Communications for messaging ideas.
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