Hawley is only getting more dangerous

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What’s Josh up to now? Highlighting his own hypocrisy and spreading more dangerous rhetoric. Watch this video montage from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes who calls out Sen. Hawley on his complete deception, or on the other hand, complete ignorance: 

The DOJ announced they are looking into a number of threats that school board members have received over the last few months in regards to mask regulations and requirements as children returned to school.

Yesterday was the first hearing. 

Hawley claims to not see where the line is, so how can it be crossed? What does intimidation mean in the context of a school board meeting?

We can both see and hear where the line is, so let us show you Senator Hawley:

“We know who you are, you can leave freely but we know who you are, we know where to find you.”

“You’ll never be allowed in public again!”

“Choke and die.”

Sen. Hawley ends his speech by not only degrading the speaker testifying, but by his egregious claim that those parents are the ones being intimidated and the investigation is a “deliberate attempt to chill” their speech.

Hawley’s words don’t just stay in Washington. Help us get this embarrassment out of D.C., and maybe back down to Earth.

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