GIFs to defend voting rights and the Child Tax Credit Checks.

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Image of the statue of liberty with the words "all voters should have the right to vote"
Moving graphic of an axe slicing a log in half. On the log the words "axe voter suppression" are written
Image of different stickers that paste on the screen. One sticker says "I support the freedom to vote act". The other sticker says "I support automatic voter registration". The last sticker is of the American flag

Child Tax Credit Memes In partnership with Parents Together Action

The next round of Child Tax Credit checks are on their way– but now Congress needs to do the work to keep them coming. Share these memes to make sure every family gets the opportunity to thrive. 

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International Day of Peace

Image of a spinning globe with the words "international day of peace" written above
Images of flowers and a peave sign that acts as a "v". The words state "vote for peace"
Image of a peace sign that turns into slamming a gavel on the desk. The words state "if you want peace, work for justice"

Meet the Artist

Brad Costa: Brad Costa is a Boston born graphic designer crafted by sci-fi, comics, and the performing arts. He believes in mission driven design in the non-profit space that impacts his community and raises awareness to progressive issues. Find him on instagram: @BradCosta.Design

Headshot of artist Brad Costa

Build Back Better

Image of a bill with a button that says "build back better" as he stamps "pass the budget" on the wall
Image that sats "build back better. definition of build back better. 1. good paying jobs. 2. lower everyday costs. 3. middle-class tax cuts. 4. make the ultra-wealthy pay what they owe"
Image of hanging boxing gloves with the words "no backing down. pass the build back better budget" across the front

A Win for Progress

An overwhelming majority of Californians beat back the Republican campaign to oust Gavin Newsom as governor, strongly backing Newsom’s common-sense policies and effective efforts to fight the pandemic. Organizers on the ground and online made this victory possible, and we’re proud to have played a small part in this huge win. 

Here are just some examples of how GIFs helped spread the message.

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