Stop the Recall: Canvassing and more!

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Vote No to Stop the Recall!

Ballots have dropped and more than 26% have already voted.  The polls are starting to trend in our favor – but it’s no time to put things on cruise control. So vote now and then tell your friends. And there are lots of options for action on our Stop the Recall link tree, including:

Canvassing: After eighteen months texting and calling, it’s finally time to do some canvassing. Working with the local Dems and unions, we were able to source Yolo county canvassing  lists. Plan to join us Thursday and Saturday. Pre-registration via Mobilize is required and so are face masks.
Thursday 4:30-7PM
Saturday 10:00 AM -12:30PM
Please register by noon Wednesday so we can get a good headcount — and ensure we have enough doors to knock.

Phone Banks: Join our final phone bank on Sunday, and make calls on your own using either PDI to make calls using your computer or your phone to dial registered Democrats and Independents or the Activate America Call Hub (returning user login or register for the first time) and have your computer dial so you can talk to voters or leave voice mails. If you don’t want to do it alone then join other phone banks (Activate AmericaGrassRoots Dems). You can make calls any day of the week. 

Friend Bank: Tell your friends and family not only how important this is, but also how close we are to having a governor who represents less than 20% of Californians. The rules are so skewed that Newsom could get 49.9% and yet whomever of the 46 on ballot got the most votes (potentially as little as 10-15%!) would be our new governor. That’s not democracy!
Lots of folks don’t understand that the race is super close because they don’t realize how it works. Some may think there’s no way we could lose so why bother to vote. While others may think it’s OK to say Yes as a protest to Newsom without realizing the alternatives are much worse for all of our progressive issues. Talk it up … get your friends to talk it up.

Banner Brigade: Take a shift on the brigade hoisting Stop the Recall Vote No banner for I-80 motorists. Sign up here.

Federal Actions

Abortion rights: In the national news, the Supreme Court’s refusal to stay the Texas abortion ban has struck a terrible blow to abortion rights. We are incredibly disappointed that Rep. Garamendi is among a very tiny fraction of House Democrats who has not yet cosponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021, a bill “to protect a person’s ability to determine whether to continue or end a pregnancy, and to protect a health care provider’s ability to provide abortion services”. We’re calling on him to cosponsor and immediately pass the bill.

Inclusive recovery: The budget reconciliation bill is being worked on in the House right now. A few conservative Democrats are threatening the passage of an inclusive reconciliation bill. But as states:

“Fortunately, we have something they want – the bipartisan infrastructure package that passed the Senate in August. Progressives have stated that in order to win their votes for this smaller, pared down bill focused on physical infrastructure, they first need to send the much more significant budget reconciliation bill to President Biden’s desk. So, if conservative Democrats want their smaller bill, they’re going to need to fall in line behind the reconciliation package.”

We need to let Rep. Garamendi know we support progressive priorities, and an inclusive reconciliation bill must be passed before voting on the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

A sample script and contact numbers/email are below.

A 27-foot long banner reading "Stop Recall! Vote NO" in white text on a blue background is being carried by the Banner Brigade on a Davis freeway overpass. Heavy traffic passes on the road beneath the overpass.

Stop the Republican Recall. Just Vote No!

Tell your friends- and find more Stop the Recall actions (including new canvassing opportunities Thursday and Saturday!) on the link tree.

Rep. Garamendi: Protection abortion rights; pass an inclusive recovery

Sample Call Script:Abortion rights
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR CITY, ZIP]

I’m deeply angry that Roe has been effectively overturned in Texas. Congress should long ago have acted to protect reproductive freedom and certainly must now pass HR3755 ensuring a pregnant person’s right to access an abortion—and the right of an abortion provider to deliver these abortion services—free from medically unnecessary restrictions that interfere with a patient’s individual choice or the provider-patient relationship. I am disappointed that Rep Garamendi is not listed as a cosponsor on HR 3755, and I urge him to promptly become a cosponsor and a strong advocate for its passage.

Sample Call Script:Inclusive reconciliation bill
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR CITY, ZIP]

I’m asking Rep. Garamendi to support an inclusive recovery package, and to pass it before voting on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The reconciliation bill should include:

  • A pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants;
  • Lowering drug prices, expanding Medicare to cover vision, dental, and hearing, and lowering the eligibility age to 60 years old;
  • Investments in Climate, including a Clean Energy Standard (with no fossil fuels!) and a Civilian Climate Corps;
  • Investments in the Care Economy, including universal child care, federally guaranteed paid leave for all, and creating good jobs in the home and community based-care sector;
  • Investments in housing, especially deeply affordable housing and housing for unhoused populations; and
  • Address extreme wealth inequality by taxing the ultra rich and big corporations so they finally pay their fair share.

Please make sure that these priorities are included, and do not pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the reconciliation bill has passed. Thank you.

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