GIFs to rebuild infrastructure and defend the planet:

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 Climate Change

The IPCC’s Climate Report has a major theme: we have to take swift action on reducing emissions to turn the tide on rapidly rising temperatures. Use these GIFs to amplify the urgency.

We demand an end to environmental racism now
Environmental justice now
Smokey Bear: I need you to transition swiftly and equitably to 100% clean energy
Wanda this, Wanda that why don't you Wanda what you can do to fight climate change?
picture with an ICE agent with the words "melt this ice" and an image of a glacier with the words "not this one" written
a ven diagram where the inner phrase is "misinfo deadly mishandled ignoring experts preventable affects all"
Image of trees walking with the words "me and the boys on our way to vote for an environmentalist"

We Have An Infrastructure Bill

The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill has cleared the Senate, but there’s more work to be done before it passes — and much more work even after, for bigger and bolder solutions. Here is a collection of GIFs to push for the real change we need.

A car driving off a broken bridge. A sign reads: America needs to improve its infrastructure.

Meet The Artist

Alasdair Spencer

Alasdair is an Illustrator and Animator from the U.K. Since graduating from Arts University Bournemouth in 2018 he now lives and works in Reading.
Alasdair enjoys the proximity to London and is inspired by the extraordinary found in people’s everyday lives. His playful illustrations try to capture and celebrate the small victories and moments. Find him on Instagram: @alasdair.spencer

Hold Governor DeSantis Accountable

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to cover up his own failure to deal with a surge in Covid cases by blaming immigrants — instead of admitting that his anti-science policies are at fault. Use these GIFs to speak out against this dangerous wave of misinformation from him and other GOP governors.

heart image with "immigrants are essential" written
image of alternating faces with the phrase "don't pollute congress with deniers" place above their eyes
Two open hands with flowers growing in it. On top the phrase "our time is now for a government who cares for us" written

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