Senate is back in Session- time to pass S.1

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Our Senators need to pass the For the People Act!

Hi Indivisibles,

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the rally to protect voting rights last Thursday!

Over a hundred people gathered near the downtown Davis office of Congressman John Garamendi (D-CA3) on Thursday evening to rally in support of the For the People Act, Senate Bill 1 (S.1). The bill was passed in the House in March (H.R.1) and has yet to be taken up in the Senate. 

S.1 seeks to protect and expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws in order to reduce the influence of money in elections, address partisan gerrymandering and create ethics rules for federal officeholders. Supporters are urging Congress to pass the bill to counter voter suppression efforts taking place all over the country. Fair voting laws and eliminating dark money are supported by a majority of people across the political spectrum. 

Garamendi, a cosponsor of H.R.1, was on hand to address the crowd. He stressed the importance of passing the bill in the Senate and getting a final bill to President Biden’s desk.

Other speakers included Kelly Wilkerson, local organizer for Sister District CA-3; Kolieka Seigle, President of the California National Organization for Women (NOW); Komal Hak, Davis League of Women Voters; Jennifer Roberts, Indivisible Colusa; and Megan and Steve Murphy, organizers from Indivisible Yolo.

We spent the recess rallying and calling on our Senators to pass S.1. Now that the Senate is back in session, we need to let them know- it’s now or never, and never can’t be the answer!

Check out our event calendar at virtual events and actions and the linktree for example scripts and more.

A photo of the crowd near Garamendi's office on Thursday's Deadline for Democracy rally. People hold signs such as "Pass the For the People Act Now", "Thank you Garamendi for co-sponsoring For the People Act- S1" and "We need S1 to pass"
Thank you to everyone who was able to come out to the Deadline for Democracy Rally on Thursday!
Kelly Wilkerson, organizer for Sister District CA-03, speaks at the rally. In the background, activists hold signs reading "The Senate minority is not the boss of us!! Eliminate the filibuster and restore democracy" and "We demand democracy 4 the people- no excuses"
Kelly Wilkerson, local organizer for Sister District CA-3, speaks at the Deadline for Democracy Rally. Image credit: Sue Peri
Kolieka Seigle speaks at Thursday's Deadline for Democracy rallyin Davis
Kolieka Seigle, President of the California National Organization for Women, speaks at the Deadline for Democracy Rally. Image credit: Sue Peri
Deadline for Democracy signs on Garamendi's Davis office window: "For the People Act- Voting rights= democracy"; "Save voting rights for America- Deadline for Democracy"; "Pass the for the People Act now!" "Filibusters are undemocratic- Pass the For the People Act- end the filibuster now!"; "For the People act- Protects voting rights, ends gerrymandering, campaign $$$ limits"; "Protect our right to vote"; "Stop voter suppression"; "We demand democracy for the people"; "End the filibuster"; "Pass the For the People Act"; "We must protect our right to vote!"; "For the People"; "Pass the For the People Act, Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, End the undemocratic Senate filibuster, say NO to voter suppression"; "Thank you Senator Padilla" and "Pass the For the People Act Now!"
Signs from Thursday’s rally at Rep. Garamendi’s Davis office. Image credit: Sue Peri

Tell our Senators: Back to work! We MUST Pass S-1. Keep S-1 strong

And ask your friends to contact their Senators too- you can find resources for “friendbanking” at (including some sample scripts for texting a friend!).

Sample Call Script for Sen. Feinstein:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a California voter from [CITY, zip code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I am calling today to ensure that the Senate does not abandon voting rights!

We must pass S.1 – For the People Act. Letting the Republicans filibuster even debating the bill is unacceptable.

I’m calling to insist that Senator Feinstein do everything in her power to bring voting rights back to a vote as soon as the brief Senate recess is over. It’s now or never — and never can’t be the answer. We cannot let the filibuster prevent the essential elements of this act from becoming law.

Don’t let a minority of Senators use the filibuster diminish the rights of our most vulnerable voters. Thank you.

Sample Call Script for Sen. Padilla:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a California voter from [CITY, zip code].

I’m calling to thank Senator Padilla for his consistent support for S1- the For the People Act.

I urge the Senator to use his influence to keep the bill strong, don’t let it be stripped of key, very popular provisions, and get it passed in the Senate this month.

The Senate still needs to pass S1 to protect future Federal elections. This is no time to compromise Democracy! Thank you.

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