This Week: A Deadline For Democracy

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S.1- on the Senate Floor this week!

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Hi Indivisibles,

Things are finally coming to head as the For the People Act (S-1) is headed to the floor of the Senate on Tuesday according to the current plan. First and foremost, call your Senators! Not just once a week but every day this week! Here are sample scripts and phone numbers. They need to know that we thank them for their support for S-1 (particularly Senator Padilla) and we demand that voting rights are protected (not the filibuster). Senator Feinstein cannot persist in thinking “democracy is not in danger.” We must get this passed before the Senate breaks for the rest of the summer in late July. Otherwise, it may fall off the agenda. 

Here are a few more actions to take immediately: 

  • Check out the Deadline for Democracy site launched by Indivisible, Declaration for American Democracy Coalition, Stand Up America, End Citizens United Action Fund, Common Cause, Fix Our Senate, Advancement Project, Transformative Justice Coalition, Just Democracy, and over 80 other organizations as a cross-movement mobilization plan for the July Recess to demand lawmakers act urgently to defend democracy and pass the For the People Act by August.
  • So far, there are no local events registered but keep posted as this will change rapidly. We know, for example, that Sacramento Indivisible is planning an event at the Federal building but the dates and times are not yet confirmed (June 29 is the likely date).
  • Sign up to receive Indivisible Texts to receive breaking news and action alerts from IND National text message rapid response team. Text INDIVISIBLE 97779 to join;
  • Come the final Fixing Our Democracy Action Hour (FODAH) on June 27th at 5pm to make calls with fellow activists and learn more about any planned actions for the June 28- July 12 recess.If you can, please consider donating to help Indivisible raise the $500K they need to run the campaign.

Check out our event calendar at virtual events and actions and the linktree for example scripts and more.

SAVE THE DATE! The Indivisible Yolo Annual General Meeting is online next Monday, June 28th at 7pm. 
We’ll hold elections for officers, for the steering committee, and present our annual financial report. Hope to see you there!

Icon is a stylized blueprint with the Capitol building in white on a blue background. Text: Fixing our democracy. Volunteers needed. Blueprint provided. Action Hours: New Time! 5pm Sundays on Zoom.

Final fixing our Democracy Action Hour- Sunday, June 27th 5pm
It’s showdown time for the filibuster and passing S. 1, so please join us for a month of Sundays starting June 6 at 5PM. (Details @

Tell our Senators: We must pass the For the People Act!Sen. Feinstein: 415-393-0707 (SF) 202-224-3841 (D.C) (email)Sen. Padilla: 916-448–2787 (Sacramento) 202-224-3553 (D.C.) (email)

Sample Call Script for Sen. Feinstein:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent from [CITY, zip code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I am calling today to demand Sen. Feinstein protect voting rights and to roll back many of the onerous voter suppression tactics being implemented by state houses across the land. We must pass S. 1, the For the People Act, when it comes to the floor this week.
I’m calling to insist that Senator Feinstein do everything in her power to pass S. 1 before the Senate recess. It’s now or never- and “never” can’t be the answer. I’m asking her to talk to her colleagues with the urgency the issue demands and not letting the filibuster stand in the way.

P.S. wish her a happy birthday Tuesday– here’s a link with birthday card/S1 instructions.

Sample Call Script for Sen. Padilla:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent from [CITY, zip code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I’m calling to thank Senator Padilla for his consistent support for S.1 – the For the People Act. 
I urge the Senator to use his influence to keep the bill strong, don’t let it be stripped of its key, very popular provisions, and get it passed in the Senate this month. 
The Senate needs to pass S.1 now to protect our 2020 Federal elections. This is no time to compromise Democracy! Thank you.

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