GIFs for Fathers Day, Summer, and More

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Fathers Day

There are as many different ways to be a dad as there are dads. Bio or chosen family, send one of these GIFs to whoever makes Fathers Day special for you.

Crossed out: Biological, Adoptive, Foster. In their place: "Dad"
A Black man wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt, with a young girl on his shoulders. Text: I learned it from watching you, Dad
Crossed out: Biological, Adoptive, Foster. In their place: "Dad"

Check out the library. Really.


It’s faster than ever to find and share great GIFs, and we’re curating new collections every day to make it even easier still. So what are you waiting for?
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Americans Deserve Health CareThe Supreme Court just rejected a challenge that would have ended the Affordable Care Act, but access to basic health care is still too hard for millions of Americans. Use these GIFs to stand up for the basic principle that health care is a human right.

Health Equity is a racial justice issue
Patients over profits
Health shouldn't have a price tag

Meet the ArtistBritt DeVandryBritt DeVandry is an illustrator, GIF artist, and designer from Los Angeles, but still Minnesota nice. For the past six years, she’s been balancing motherhood to two and freelance work, and has worked with the Into Action Lab since January. Find her on Instagram: @brittdoesdesign

Identities are intersectional. Your content should be too.As organizers, we know that making social change requires building coalitions and linking different interests into powerful movements. Great digital content is no different.

In the past few years, we’ve seen progress as reproductive rights organizations have engaged on environmental issues, civil rights advocacy has stepped up on racial justice, and immigrant rights organizations have united for gender and sexual freedom.

In our GIFs, we do our best to make sure these critical connections are made real. We hope you’ll take a look through our library and see how you can bring more intersectionality to your own advocacy.

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