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The Washtenaw County Democratic Party Executive Board was saddened  and horrified to hear of the tragic shooting of a 6-year-old Ypsilanti Township boy by Ryan Le-Nguyen this week. Violence of any type is unacceptable but the shooting of a child is beyond the pale. We are relieved to know that Mr. Le-Nguyen is now back in custody and no longer a threat to anyone. In situations like this where emotions are high and community members are rightfully angered and outraged, it is important that we do not further victimize other innocent people with hateful speech or acts. We call on the entire Washtenaw County community to come together to support the family of the young boy and each other and not to use this horrific situation as an excuse to perpetuate further hate and violence against others. The targeting of any group based on their race, ethnicity, or gender is unacceptable and will only serve to perpetuate more hate, violence, and division. Hate has no place in Washtenaw County and nothing positive will come from further violence, threats, or violent rhetoric. We need less hate in this moment, not more. 

The Washtenaw County Democratic Party Black Caucus Stands Against All Hate and Bigotry

The Washtenaw County Democratic Party Black Caucus stands against hate and bigotry of all kinds. We want to state unequivocally that we vehemently oppose the targeting of any group or individuals based on their race, ethnicity, or gender. The actions of individuals, even when reprehensible, should not be used as an excuse or reason to promote hate and intolerance for whole groups. We at the Black Caucus understand the damage and pain caused by bigotry and hate, and urge all members of the African American community as well all residents of Washtenaw County to come together in support of one another and to reject hate and divisiveness. Hate Has No Place Here in Washtenaw County.

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