GIFs for Juneteenth and a 💵 Living Wage

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Juneteenth means freedom

June 19th celebrates the emancipation of those enslaved in America. Use these GIFs to continue the fight for justice and complete liberation.

Shackled hands breaking free, smashing through brick-textured text reading "July 4". Replacing it is text that reads: "Juneteenth, because all were not free in 1776"
Shackled hands breaking free. Text reads: Nobody is free until everybody is free
Reparations for Slavery Now

New GIFs, every day

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Workers deserve fair wages

Unlike nearly everything else in our lives, the federal minimum wage is the same today as it was in 1999 — and for tipped workers, the same as in 1991. As we emerge from the pandemic, use these GIFs to help fight for fair wages and economic recovery for all Americans.

Fight for $15
A scale moving from $7.25 to $15, with the text "We are worth more"
Wage justice is racial justice

Meet the Artist

Annick Martin

Annick Martin

Annick is a colorful Latinx designer and self-taught illustrator from Colombia. She’s currently inspired by the greatest city in the world – New York, mental health, and all social issues – especially those that affect the immigrant community. Traveling, eating candy and hanging out with her mini goldendoodle Ronnie Macaronnie are some of her many hobbies. Find her on Instagram: @annick.martin

Stop playing politics with the courts
Vote for your future
Nasty women vote early
Juntos, podemos construir un pais mejor

Democracy reform

Statue of Liberty torch with the text: Pass the For the People Act // Protect our Liberty
Democracy belongs to the people
A stop sign: Stop corruption // Support the For the People Act

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