🌈 Pride, 🌊World Oceans Day… And an exciting announcement!

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Pride means more than rainbows

Congress can end legal discrimination and guarantee rights for LGBTQ Americans by passing the Equality Act. Use these GIFs to help amplify your message.

A crowd of people carrying rainbow flags and signs reading: Equality Act Now
A person in a rainbow v-neck vest holding a cellphone, with text: Call your senator. Support the Equality Act
A heart and rainbows, with text reading "Pass the Equality Act"

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World Oceans Day

The deep sea is the planet’s largest pristine ecosystem, but the UN is threatening this fragile environment. ‍For World Oceans Day on June 8, use these GIFs to defend the deep and fight back.

The deep sea is earth's largest habitat: Explore it, don't exploit it.
Explore, don't exploit
Celebrate World Oceans Day: Defend the Deep

Immigrant Heritage Month

Diversity is a strength, and immigrants help make our country better. Use these GIFs to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month and remind everyone that, unless you’re Native, you came from someplace else.

A map of the US with text: A nation of immigrants
The Declaration of Independence was signed by immigrants
A smiling American flag, with text replacing the stripes: Immigrants and refugees are welcome here

Meet the Artist

Megan Motown

Megan Motown

Megan Motown is a Los Angeles based illustrator and animator communicating primarily in GIFs since 2017. Her colorful work advocates for collaboration and compensation. She won GIPHY’s 2019 artist of the year for having the most views worldwide on the platform. Currently she has 55 billion views on her GIPHY channel.

Raise the Wage
Women deserve to feel safe in public
Impeaching Trump protects the constitution
Together we win

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