Vote! School Board Elections Are Today

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Vote: School Board Elections Are Today, May 18

  • Vote in your local school board election on Tuesday, May 18.
  • Research the candidates for board positions.
  • Review the proposed school budget for your district. Do the research on your local school district elections and budgets. 

Please note that your primary residence must be in the district in order to vote in school board elections. Call the School District for absentee voting information.

Do the research on your local school district elections and budgets. Please note that your primary residence must be in the district in order to vote in school board elections. Call the School District for absentee voting information.

Click here to register.

Special Immigrant Visas

Our friends at the Westchester Jewish Coalition for Immigration have asked us to help with outreach to see that that Afghans employed by the Federal Government are granted Special Immigrant Visas before we pull our troops out of Afghanistan on September 11th. This NYT Opinion piece explains, “We have obligations to the thousands of Afghans who supported us, mainly as interpreters for our military. They were promised special immigrant visas to get them out of harm’s way, but many have yet to materialize. The Taliban view them as traitors: Since 2014, there have been at least 300 targeted killings of people who worked with us. Many more will die if the administration doesn’t take immediate steps to speed up the process to get them out safely.”
There are 10 families in Westchester County who are here thanks to the SIV program and many others throughout the metro area. But more families need help. Here’s what you can do.

  • Click here for a script to use to send an email, letter or make a call to President Biden and your representatives in Congress asking that they approve Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans who were employed by the U.S. government by 9/11. 
  • President Biden: Email; Phone: 202-456-1111
  • Sen. Schumer: Email; Phone: (202) 224-6542
  • Sen. Gillibrand: Email; Phone: (202) 224-4451
  • Rep. Bowman: Email; Phone: (202) 225-2464
  • Rep. Jones: Email; Phone: (202) 225-6506
  • Rep. Maloney: Email; Phone: 202-225-5441

Postcard to West Virginia

We have 2000 postcards going to activists in West Virginia, asking them to contact Sen. Joe Manchin to support HR1, For the People Act, which would guarantee every citizens’ right to vote and override the voter suppression laws being passed nationwide. 

Say No to Airport Expansion That Threatens Our Drinking Water 

Westchester County has allowed Million Air to build a hangar and terminal for corporate and private jets at Westchester County Airport, despite the company failing to get environmental approval for the project, as explained in this LoHud articleAnd now Million Air wants to build an even bigger hanger for private and corporate jets.

The bottom line in regard to Westchester Airport is this: It’s an industrial facility located directly adjacent to the Kensico Reservoir, which is the drinking water supply for millions of people. Therefore, nothing should be done on the ground that would enable expanded air traffic and all environmental regulations must be followed. 

  • The County must allow the FAA’s federal NEPA review to proceed and comply with the permit from NYS to complete the storm-water treatment project.
  • •The Board of Legislators must reject Million Air’s request to build a proposed 80,000 sq. ft. hangar.
  • Click here to sign the petition saying no to airport expansion.

COVID Resources

Westchester County has plenty of vaccines on hand for those eligible for the vaccine.

  • Vaccines for 12-15 year olds could be available for kids 12-15 years olds are now available.
  • Schedule an appointment here.
  • View the Westchester County COVID dashboard here
  • The NYS COVID vaccination hotline is (833) NYS-4 VAX; (833) 697-4829. 

#Filibuster FridaysEach Friday, activists across the county send social media messages to members of Congress to tell them why we must end the Filibuster

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