GIFs for ūü߆ Mental Health Action and Graduation season

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Mental Health Action Day

In partnership with MTV

As Covid-19 has upended our daily lives, mental health struggles have skyrocketed but help-seeking and action-taking for mental health has not kept pace. Use these GIFs to mark Mental Health Action Day and help everyone take #MentalHealthAction together.

Flipping pages on a calendar until May 20, which reads: Today is Mental Health Action Day
A calendar page with text: Today is the day you reach out
Two raised hands holding a poster which reads: Mental Health is Health

GIFs to fight Gun Violence

In partnership with Us Kids

The leaders who rose up after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. have worked to build an inclusive and unprecedented movement that addresses racial justice and the growing public health crisis of gun violence. Watch Us Kids, use these GIFs to support their work, and continue to demand change

Three raised fists, Black, white and brown, with text reading: You know us kids are going to win
A pistol surrounded by a "No" symbol, with text reading: Abolish armed supremacy
A screen capture of David Hogg with a megaphone, with captions reading: Don't wait for politics to affect you to become involved.

Meet the Artist

Mulan Fu

Mulan Fu
Mulan is an award-winning filmmaker, animator, and illustrator currently based in New York City and Shanghai. Growing up in Asia and studying abroad in Europe and North America, she finds passion in discovering captivating stories along her travels and sharing them with the
world through the magical medium of animation. Find her on Instagram: @mulan.fu

Congratulations, Class of 2021… now what?

After a senior year like no other, the class of 2021 can fight through anything. Use these GIFs to cheer them on as they build a better world for all of us.

Class of 2021, with a fist replacing the numeral 1
A fist holding a rolled diploma displayed smashing a laptop screen. The text reads: Class of 2021 will rise up!
A mortarboard cap, with two flexed bicep emojis. The text reads: Going to make our own future.

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