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This Week’s Stories

On this May Day, we celebrate a union worker who stood against fascism
May 1, 2021 by Berry Craig

Happy May Day, the international labor day. Today, this union retiree is remembering Josef Simon, an anti-Nazi German trade union hero all but unknown on this side of the Atlantic.

Is Daniel Cameron an alien?
May 1, 2021 by Bruce Maples

If he’s not from another planet, what reason could there be for Cameron to think that systemic racism doesn’t exist? Well, I for one can think of a reason.

Is systemic racism a case of being AGAINST one race, or is it being FOR another race?
April 30, 2021 by Guest Author

We need to recalibrate the primary focus of equal opportunity in our workplaces from preventing discrimination to preventing favoritism and opportunity hoarding.

American Families and Jobs Plans would provide opportunity to all Kentucky families
April 30, 2021 by Guest Author

We cannot simply return to the pre-pandemic economy with its inequality and insecurity. We need Congress to act with the kind of bold investments laid out in these recovery proposals and create an economy that truly works for everyone.

Can Dems win in rural areas with this new populism? Linderman says Yes.
April 30, 2021 by Berry Craig

Hank Linderman says that Dems lose in rural areas because they don’t have a coherent message for Rural America. The Contract for Rural and Working America platform will change that.

Are you a retired union worker? Here’s proof that elections have consequences for you.
April 28, 2021 by Berry Craig

When it comes to taking care of union workers, especially retired ones, how do our Repub electeds do? Uhm – not too good.

Did you know there’s a holiday to celebrate Confederate things, including Jeff Davis?
April 27, 2021 by Bruce Maples

Yes, by official statute, there is a state holiday in Kentucky on June 3 to celebrate both Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War, and the person who led them, Jefferson Davis.

LWV to hold virtual town hall on “Fair Maps” for redistricting
April 27, 2021 by Forward Kentucky

Want to be sure Kentucky’s voting districts are fair? Then you need to attend this virtual town hall to learn HOW to make it so.

People’s Campaign says ‘Stand Against Rand’
April 27, 2021 by Berry Craig

The progressive group has started a “Stand Against Rand because Rand Stands Against Us!” campaign, with opportunities for donating and volunteering.

Oh look, a new hoax: Fox News and Republicans warn of the Joe Biden Meat Police
April 26, 2021 by Daily Kos

Over the weekend, you may have missed a maaaajor conservative brouhaha over the news that Joe Biden, history’s greatest monster, was going to take all your hamburgers away. A new climate plan will be limiting you to just four pounds of red meat a year! Violators will be taken to meat jail! Take heed, America! Your meat is in danger!

Kentucky is #1 in this — and it’s a bad thing. It’s time we do something about it.
April 26, 2021 by Marshall Ward

For the second year in a row, Kentucky has ranked #1 in child abuse across all fifty states. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Are we ready to address this?

Want worker safety? Here are two organizations that are critical.
April 26, 2021 by Berry Craig

When it comes to worker safety, there are two organizations in the U.S. that work together to keep our workplaces safe. We need to protect them both.

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