Corporations profiting by spreading hate with public subsidies

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Corporations profiting by spreading hate with public subsidies

Mapping how FOX News uses public subsidies to spread hate

“Carlson has the right to say whatever loathsome things he wishes. And Fox News can choose to broadcast those views on television. But Carlson and the Murdochs do not have a right to have those views subsidized by millions of Americans who never watch Fox News.” – Popular Info

Public subsidies for hate speech?

“But that’s exactly what is happening. And those dynamics have allowed Fox News and Carlson to weather a near-universal advertiser boycott. Fox News receives a $7.75 subsidy from people who never watch Fox News. **The only way to stop sending cash to the Murdochs is to “cut the cord” and find a combination of streaming services that doesn’t include Fox News.**

Carlson’s show, which regularly reaches 3 million viewers, is replete with bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and misinformation. Worse, his $10 million salary is heavily subsidized by millions of Americans who never watch his show — or ever turn the channel to Fox News.” – Judd Legum in Popular Info

How do corporations spread hate speech? How does FOX use public subsidies to pay Carlson $10 million every year? Which firms and CEOs could be influenced to change this? What can people who do not want to fund hate speech do? Who was Harvey Milk? Why did Dan White assassinate him? What is the Dan White Society?

This relationship map from DemLabs connect the dots. The map can be freely shared with this link or embedded in a website with this line of code.
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FOX profits from spreading hate

FOX makes billions from spreading hate with public subsidies from people who do not even watch it

What is a relationship map?

relationship map is a diagram that allows you to see a broad view of connections between people and corporation and money flows. Online relationship maps are interactive which lets the reader dig in for more details and explore the web of connections.

A good relationship map reveals the people to persuade in order to bring about change. DemLabs created this relationship map with Kumu, a free app with information from Popular InformationUnFoxMyCableBoxYahoo Finance and other sources.

A relationship map makes it easy to understand money flows and how the relationships between different organizations and people.

Follow the money

Cable companies pay “carriage fees” to networks for the right to carry their channel. These fees are then passed on to users in their monthly bills. In 2020, Fox News made more money from carriage fees ($1.6 billion) than advertisements ($1.2 billion). Other channels, of course, also receive carriage fees for their content. But the Murdochs have negotiated exorbitant fees for Fox News that are far greater than any other non-sports programming. 

According to a survey conducted late last year, about 14% of cable TV subscribers watch Fox News regularly. But every cable TV subscriber pays an average of $1.72 a month to receive Fox News. In contrast, 31% of cable TV subscribers regularly watch FX (owned by Disney) but the channel adds just $0.81 to an average cable bill. – Popular Info

A relationship map makes it easier to find the people to persuade in order to bring about change.

Power mapping

Power mapping is a visual tool used by social advocates to identify the best individuals to target to promote social change. The role of relationships and networks is very important when advocates seek change in a social justice issue. It conceptualizes the sphere of a person or group’s influence. It helps identify whom you need to influence, who can influence your target and what can be done to influence the identified person with power. – Wikipedia

Persuade people, not institutions.” – Saul Alinsky paraphrased from 12 Rules for Radicals

In this example, the three main cable providers who fund FOX can help encourage better behavior. Yahoo News provide contact details of these corporation, contact details and info on their CEOs. Yahoo also reports that the major institutional investors in all three cable providers are VanguardBlackRock and The State Street CorporationEvery CEO determines their firm’s ethical standards and whether they will fund hate speech and disinformation?

TakeAway: Use Kumu relationship maps to identify influencers to bring about change. Contact DemLabs for pro bono help with mapping projects related to social justice and civil rights.


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