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Become a Deputy Treasurer with the Democratic Executive CommitteeWe are excited to bring on up to three (3) Deputy Treasurers onto our team to help actualize our vision of building a sustainable and transparent financial organization that invests in our DEC and our community. Deputy Treasurers will help lead community engagement, campaign finance, and accounting for our DEC’s financial organization.

Apply to be a Deputy Treasurer here! The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Applications are due by Friday, April 23, 2021. Candidates with any and all finance, accounting or business experience on any level within politics, business or non-profits would be a plus, but certainly is not a requirement!

Join the Cuban American Democrats for their May Meeting

Join the Cuban American Democrats either on Zoom or at Tropical Park May 8th (if you are vaccinated and feel safe to meet in person) as they speak with Congressman Charlie Crist & Candidate Kassandra Timothe, plan outreach strategies, and discuss upcoming elections. 

Click here to RSVP

Legislative Call to Action

This week, several bills are passing through both the Florida House and Senate that need immediate action. Below are the bills and a description of their impact: Florida House Bills:

  • HB 7045 School Choice (would expand K-12 voucher programs without providing sufficient financial or academic accountability, to the detriment of vulnerable students)
  • HB 835 Employee Organizations (union-busting bill)

Florida Senate Bills:

  • SB 1028 Charter Schools (would allow entities other than school districts to sponsor and oversee charter schools without allowing for local accountability)
  • SB 90 Election Administration (voter suppression bill)
  • SB 1014 Employee Organizations (union-busting bill)
  • SB 1238 Percentage of Elector Votes Required to Approve an Amendment (places barriers to getting citizen initiatives approved)
  • SB 2012 Promoting Equality of Athletic Opportunity (anti transgender athlete bill)
  • SB 48 Educational Scholarship Programs (would expand K-12 voucher programs without providing sufficient financial or academic accountability, to the detriment of vulnerable students)
  • SB 582 Parental Rights (would oblige medical and educational professionals to share confidential information about patients/students with parents/guardians, regardless of consequences)

Contact your local Republican elected officials (you can find them here or look below) and tell them to vote no.

Do it today, share this message with your friends and networks, and then ask them to do the same.



Sen. Manny Diaz Jr. |36th District | |   (305) 364-3073   (850) 487-5036

Sen. Ileana Garcia   |  37th District   |  |  (850) 487-5037

Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez |  39th District  |  | (850) 487-5039


Rep. Tom Fabricio  | 103rd District  |  | (850) 717-5103

Rep. David Borrero  | 105th District  |  (850) 717-5105

Rep. Alex Rizo  | 110th District  | | (305) 364-4126 | (850) 717-5110

Speaker Bryan Avila  | 111th District |  |  (305) 953-2932 | (850) 717-5111

Rep. Demi Busatta Cabrera | 114th District | |(850) 717-5114

Rep. Vance Aloupis  | 115th District |  |(305) 270-6530 | (850) 717-5115

Rep. Daniel Perez  | 116th District  | | (305) 442-6800 |(850) 717-5116

Rep. Anthony Rodriguez | 118th District |  |(305) 252-4352 | (850) 717-5118

Rep. Juan Fernandez Barquin | 119th District | | (305) 222-4119  |(850) 717-5119

Rep. Jim Mooney |  120th District |  |(850) 717-5120

ICYMI: The Miami-Dade Democratic Party supports the Minnesota jury’s decision to find officer Derek Chauvin guilty to the fullest extent of the charges filed. While no court ruling will ultimately reverse this injustice, we are encouraged by the outcome. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party believes that while this is a step in the right direction, the struggle to defeat systemic racism at all levels of government must continue. 

Read our full statement here.

Coronavirus Resources: We’ve collected resources on drive-through testing, grocery store hours, unemployment and small business aid and more here at  

DeSantis tramples on the Constitution

On Monday, Ron DeSantis signed HB1, an awful bill that infringes on our Constitutional rights to free speech and assembly in the state of Florida.

HB1 will criminalize Floridians who stand up to injustice through the kind of peaceful protest that achieved women’s suffrage, an eight-hour work day, and real voting rights for African Americans throughout the South. HB1 isn’t just a bad bill, it’s downright un-American.

Without a doubt, DeSantis’ goal is to stifle dissent, create fear, and set himself up to run for president in 2024.

Democrats in Tallahassee argued strongly against this awful bill—click here to listen to Senator Jason Pizzo talk about how HB1 will harm minority youth:

We need more strong Democrats like Jason Pizzo to represent us in Tallahassee AND we need to stop Ron DeSantis and his un-American agenda. Can you chip in to help us win back seats in Tallahassee and vote DeSantis out of office in 2022?

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