Make a bigger impact on Zoom with a good background and free on-screen teleprompter

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Make a bigger impact on Zoom with a good background and free on-screen teleprompter

Make a bigger impact on Zoom with a background that reinforces your message and an onscreen teleprompter

Make a bigger impact on Zoom with a background to reinforce your message and a free teleprompter to stay on script.

Have an important message to share on Zoom? Don’t squander the opportunity on a background picture of a beach or a bookshelf. Make the most of your screen time with a background that highlights your organization and its social media hashtag.

Be more persuasive by keeping eye contact with your audience. Use an on-screen teleprompter with scrolling talking points while you present.

Both solutions are free. This blog describes how Make The Road Nevada (MRNV), a community organizing group uses these solutions in their mission to build the power of Latinx and working-class communities of color. the blog explains
– How to design a good background
– How to use backgrounds in Zoom
– How to use the free BigStage Teleprompter with Zoom
Credit to Jen Fleischmann Willoughby and Janettte Mata with MRNV for sharing their wonderful Zoom backgrounds.

Designing a Zoom background

A Zoom Virtual Background image should be at least 1920 x 960 pixels in size. Use a solid color to minimize distractions on the screen. Add your group’s logo so that it is offset and not hidden behind the presenter. Make your organization’s URL and hashtag prominent on the background.

Design a background to maximize the impact of your Zoom presentation

How to activate your Zoom background

Zoom provides detailed instructions on how to enable Virtual Backgrounds.
– Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator with permission to edit account settings.
– In the navigation menu, click Account Management then Account Settings.
– Go to the Meeting tab
– Navigate to the Virtual Background option In Meeting (Advanced) section
– Enabled Virtual BackgroundsZoom video tutorial on enabling backgrounds

Background design tips

Zoom supports multiple background images. Design background that are:
– Specific to your presentation
– Have versions in different languages
– Incorporate relevant hashtags

Design digital backgrounds for your Zoom presentations to match your message
Campaign specific backgrounds
Translate your backgrounds into different languages for your Zoom presentations

Make The Road Nevada backgrounds in both English and Spanish
Design digital backgrounds for your Zoom presentation to reinforce your message
Add Facebook and Twitter hashtags to your background

Make The Road Nevada

Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) builds the power of Latinx and working-class communities of color to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, and transformative education.

Immigrant Rights: Works with local experts and residents to educate ourselves, the community, and elected officials on community needs. This includes DACA clinics, funds to financially help Immigrant families and community meetings with Immigration attorneys.
Social Justice: MRNV as part of the Time to Care Nevada coalition is urging legislatures to take allow families to receive Earned Sick Days so hard working Nevadans do not have to choose between missing a day of work and pay to take care of themselves or a loved one.
Housing Justice: Works with other community groups to push for equitable housing and fights for the rights of tenants in the legal system.Donate to Make The Road nevada

BigStage Teleprompter

Make The Road Nevada uses the free BigStage Teleprompter app to keep their talking points in front of them while presenting. Presenters adjust the speed and font size of the scrolling script. It can also be paused to answer a question from the audience.

Scripts can be saved and freely shared with others packaged in a free teleprompter. This lets others also use the script in their own presentations and town hall calls. The BigStage teleprompter can be used on a laptop or phone with just a browser or downloaded as a free app from the Apple or Google stores (for use when you do not have internet access). The BigStage Teleprompter app can also be used for canvassing and in panel discussions with several presenters.Try this script in a free teleprompter. Press Scroll to start.

Make The Road Nevada uses the free BigStage Teleprompter app with their Zoom presentations to be more persuasive.

TakeAway: Make the most of your Zoom presentations with a good background and the free BigStage Teleprompter app.


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