The Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy and the Complete Picture Project with Medea Benjamin, Rebecca Grace, John Gray

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In the first half of the program, peace organizer Medea Benjamin looks at the Biden Administration’s foreign policy, and finds it mainly a disappointment for many progressives who may have voted for the Democrat. Then Rebecca Grace and John Gray introduce the Complete Picture Project, an organization that assembles videos of nonviolent offenders facing sentencing, so that a sentencing judge will learn more about an offender’s entire life, including family and community connections, rather than only the criminal record.

The organization’s web site is


  • Medea Benjamin is co-founder of the women’s peace organization Code Pink; she’s the author of eight books, including “Inside Iran” and “Kingdom of the Unjust.” Her recent article on Biden’s foreign policy can be found at  
  • Rebecca Grace and John Gray are the founders of the Complete Picture Project. They produce videos for people facing prison time for nonviolent crimes in effort to humanize them in the judicial process.

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