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Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility and César Chavez Day! And Coca Cola’s cracking! So busy day! Also, reorganized the events lists so that all our event listings, from today to months away from now, is in the top post ( Just click on “Continue Reading.”

Today’s Watch Party is from Black Voters Matter on one aspect of GA’s spanking new voting law that many may not understand.

Wednesday – 03/31/21 – ONLINE – “International Transgender Day of Visibility”

Be an ally. Share this video ( . Also please take a few minutes to contact your senators to support the H.R. 1620 – the H.R. 1620 – the Violence Against Women Act and the protections for the the transgender community it contains. ( – 03/31/21 – ONLINE – “John Lewis Mobilization Town Hall” (4:00 pm PDT)

Facebook link here. Join activists on Wednesday, March 31st at 7 pm ET for the John Lewis Mobilization Town Hall. This town hall is for activists and local organizations to learn more about the May 8th John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Day of Action mobilization where we will take the streets for more than 100 “Votercades” in more than 100 cities. The voting rights of America’s Voters of Color and Youth Voters are under attack nationally by state legislators introducing and passing laws to suppress their participation in elections. Join more than 50 organizations sponsoring the May 8 John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Day to learn how you can help mobilize to pass the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, DC Statehood and address the filibuster. Together, we can build a better democracy!

Wednesday – 03/31/21 – ONLINE – “Unpacking AAPI discrimination” (4:30 pm PDT)

Facebook link here. ( Please join ATNJ founder Winn Khuong in an illuminating and moving discussion of AAPI discrimination and impactful action you can take. Please RSVP here:

Wednesday – 03/31/21 – ONLINE – “On the Frontline: When Black People Are Free, We Are All Free” (5:00 pm – 6:00 pm PDT)

Facebook link here. ( Hosted by the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), together we will share a new vision of public safety – divesting from the police and investing in our communities, the importance of defending and expanding voting rights, and climate justice. We’ll hear updates about #RecoveryRecess and actions to hold members of Congress accountable and demand a bold, progressive agenda.With millions of Americans relying on the government to deliver robust recovery policies that offer a pathway out of the pandemic crisis, the Frontline, the Working Families Party, the Green New Deal Network and other partners, are committed to generating as much energy and support over the recess to win critical legislative victories. The more wins we rack up now, the bigger and bolder our work becomes.The Frontline, Movement for Black Lives, the Working Families Party, and United We Dream invite you to “On the Frontline” Mass Call and Training Series. This series will include virtual town halls and skill-based trainings, where you will hear updates and analysis from movement leaders, engage in political education, and learn concrete skills to take meaningful action.Sign up for all the dates – here’s a schedule of what we are discussing for each call on Wednesdays at 8pm:April 14: On the Frontline: Democracy Reform


UPDATE!!! Anytime: We all have choices. Choose not to support corporate-funded voter suppression in GA.

Well, fellow resisters! Your calls and emails and NOT BUYING THEIR STUFF is working! The Hill just published an article titled 

“Coca-Cola CEO says Georgia voting law unacceptable and ‘a step backward’

(read here:
We here at Indivisible Ventura say “Hahahah – no! Last we heard, “Coca-Cola told the Guardian earlier this month it supported both chambers of commerce and a “balanced approach to elections”” Maybe, in hindsight, there was a teensy-bit too much weight on the suppression side of the scales? Maybe a little over-the-top to account for, what, 35 errant ballots they found amongst over 4.9 MILLION votes?No, Coca-Cola and fellow racist corporations. The game is still on. You wanna buy legislators? Well, make them dance to a new tune. Pull them up by their shorts until they restart this whole game back to what it was during the 2020 election. Then start funding Stacey’s run for governor. We are watching and we’re not buying ANYTHING until you make this right.”
(link to “35 vote” reference:
(We are now working on an updated script to call out their CEO, or you can just do it however you are inspired. Contacts are in the action below.)

Today President Biden described a sweeping elections bill signed into law in Georgia: “This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. It must end,” and “an atrocity.” He further stated that the Justice Department is “taking a look” at the measure. Georgia’s Black and Brown voters agree with him. (
Coca Cola says it was “balanced approach.” (
Hmmmm….You, as a citizen and a consumer, get to decide who is closer to the truth and use your dollars accordingly. Feel free to call, or during the weekend, email, the CEO of Coca Cola and tell him what you’ve decided. 

Wednesday 3/31: Cesar Chavez Day – Two actions!


Action #1: Volunteer in your community in honor of “Cesar Chavez Day.”

Action #2: Call your senators to vote “YES” on UFW-supported H.R. 1603 – the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, a long-delayed “thank you” for the essential workers who bring us our food

Tell your senators to pass the H.R. 1620 – the Violence Against Women Act!

Basic, proven and smart gun restrictions that save women’s lives, remembering that we’re in 2021, not 1980 when it comes to romantic relations, and protecting the safety and dignity of transgender women in shelters, along with everyone else? What’s not to like about the latest version of the Violence Against Women Act, unless you’re a GOPFamilyValues™ member? Call your senators: (

ANYTIME – ONLINE PHONEBANK – Flip the West “Phone Bank into Arizona to Urge Sen. Sinema to Change the Filibuster with Indivisible Arizona” 

The For the People Act may be the most important piece of legislation of the past decade. During a time when Republican state legislators are lobbying for the most restrictive voting regulations since Jim Crow, we need to urge key Senators to pass the For the People Act. Join in by signing up HERE

But as long as Mitch McConnell can veto popular legislation through the filibuster, that won’t happen. So, we are reaching out with Indivisible Arizona to progressive, solid Democrats in Arizona and urging them to ask Senator Sinema to modify the filibuster. It’s not enough to just elect progressive candidates; we need to pass progressive policy. 

THIS IS NOT A ZOOM CALL – YOU MAY CALL INTO ARIZONA ANY DAY BETWEEN 9:00AM AND 9:00 PM PACIFIC.  Click on the “INSTRUCTIONS” button for the link to the phone bank and the script. (Wait a few seconds until you see the Google document.)

If you live in Camarillo, help stop the Camarillo recall

If you live in Camarillo, you’ve probably heard about the petition to recall the Vice Mayor, Shawn Mulchay or Councilwoman Susan Santangelo. Extremists have made inaccurate claims about “defunding the police” in Camarillo in order to recall these councilmembers at a cost of $250,000 to Camarillo taxpayers. According to this fact sheet ( , they’re using deceitful tactics, libelous statements, and out-of-town partisan volunteers to fuel their efforts. Learn more about this here ( and sign the online “Affirmation of Council Members Santangelo and Mulchay.”

NEW! Even if you DON’T live in Camarillo, express your support for Vice Mayor Santangelo and Councilmember Mulchay

On November 3rd, some Camarillo residents began gathering signatures for a petition to unseat Vice Mayor Susan Santangelo and Councilmember Shawn Mulchay. The petition drive is largely a response to councilmembers Santangelo and Mulchay’s effort to pass a resolution affirming that in our city, Black Lives Matter. Because we agree with Santangelo and Mulchay that Black Lives Matter, we the undersigned, call on Camarillo residents to refuse to lend their signatures to the above referenced petition. In addition to our strong sympathy with the sentiments advanced in Santangelo and Mulchay’s proposed resolution, we also find ourselves troubled by wasteful cost (approximately $220,000) to city taxpayers for a special election should the petition drive succeed. 

Finally we, the undersigned, wish to express our heartfelt support of both Vice Mayor Santangelo and Councilmember Mulchay in their continued efforts to promote racial justice in the City of Camarillo

If you live in Ojai, work in Ojai, eat, drink or shop in Ojai, join in this action from SURJ

Ongoing: Email in support of demands for the Ojai police services contract with VCSO: Template for letter to Ojai City Council and Board of Supervisors here. (

The “digital divide” in broadband coverage is a form of racial injustice. The FCC is asking for help to find the blind spots. Share!

We’ve all seen the photos of kids sitting in parking lots outside coffee shops, doing their homework, because their home doesn’t have internet access. (GRI) “Just less than half of households with annual family incomes less than $20,000 have home-internet access. Further, 83% of Asians and 81% of Whites have home-internet access, compared to 72% of American Indian/Alaska Natives, 70% of Hispanics, 68% of Blacks. Largely a product of America’s overall racial wealth gap, the “digital divide” is a term that has come to describe the racial and economic disparities seen in internet access for Americans.”
(the Verve)“…The form the FCC is using for your responses ( is decidedly rudimentary; it looks like a general complaint form, and doesn’t ask any specific questions about broadband at all (the only reference is in the header). But the FCC says it’s a stopgap on the path to a more detailed and specific reporting tool. For now, perhaps you can take a look at the FCC’s current crappy maps at your address, and tell the FCC whether you actually have the kinds of choices that the ISPs claim you have.
Postcards for DC Statehood!Washington D.C. is a living, breathing, racial and civil rights injustice and we need to fix it! Update: A Heritage Foundation lawyer, Zack Smith, actually stated out loud that DC residents “already impact the national debate” because members of Congress see their yard signs while driving to work.  (Note – since apartment dwellers may not have yards, yard signs imply property ownership. Thanks, Heritage Foundation, for that slap-back to the beginnings of our country, when only property owners got to vote.) Go here for get postcards! ( A member has printed up a large amount. This is an easy task, both sides are already printed, ready for addressing and stamps! Instructions included.

Indivisible Ventura

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