Davis Residents: Time-Sensitive Action for Public Safety

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Take action to support Black lives

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Hi Indivisibles,

Last night at our General Meeting, Yolo People Power shared their important campaign to Help Davis Re-imagine Public Safety
Their work is exactly what the national Indivisible organization has been urging local groups to do: support the movement for Black lives by asking cities and counties to reinvest money for policing in services that create real public safety to reduce the harm policing does to communities of color. 

This week, we are asking our Indivisible Yolo members who live or work in Davis to contact city council members and urge them to make real structural change. Read on for background and actions provided by  Yolo People Power that you can do whether you have 30 seconds or 10 minutes.

You marched last summer…In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and countless other people of color at the hands of police, many of us took to the streets last summer and called on our local elected officials to defund the police and invest in our community instead. In Davis, City Council responded to the outpouring of public comment in support of this idea by convening a temporary joint subcommittee (TJS) of City Commissions to provide recommendations on re-envisioning public safety in Davis. 

In December 2020, the TJS presented their 9 recommendations to Davis City Council. You can read the full report here. A summary of the 9 recommendations can be found here.

The 9 recommendations cover, among other things, addressing racism in policing in Davis, creating an unarmed mobile crisis response team, and lastly, a Department of Public Safety independent from the Davis Police Department (DPD). This department would expand social services and divert non-violent calls such as code enforcement and welfare checks from the police department – reducing unnecessary escalation of situations. An independent Department of Public Safety is crucial to truly re-imagining public safety and addressing the problems of systemic racism. 

While national bills such as the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 will address some problems in law enforcement, much of the needed overhauls can only happen at the local level! Racial disparities in arrests are higher in Davis than the national average. Black residents are 2.2 times more likely to be arrested nationally and 5 times more likely to be arrested in Davis than their percentage in the population. This is our chance for a big win in fighting systemic racism in Davis!

On April 6, the Davis City Council will again discuss enacting the 9 recommendations from the TJS. Scroll down to find information about how to show your support for an independent Department of Public Safety in Davis and ask City Council to TAKE ACTION.

Independent Department of Public Safety!

Yolo People Power and Indivisible Yolo have signed and open letter from organizations and individual to the Davis City Council. Sign the letter to let City Council know you expect them to fast track the department so that non-violent calls will be sent to their own department. If you are part of another local organization, ask if they would be willing to sign the letter.  You can read the letter HERE and SIGN HERE. Include that you are an Indivisible Yolo member when you sign.

Sign the Letter

10 minute action: Send an Email to the Davis City Council member!

For even more impact, draft your own email about why you want an independent Department of Public Safety and send to citycouncilmembers@cityofdavis.org and bcc: gpartida@cityofdavis.orglucasf@cityofdavis.orgwarnold@cityofdavis.orgdcarson@cityofdavis.org,and jchapman@cityofdavis.org so they can reply under Brown Act restrictions. 

Additional ways to support
If you have expertise and or lived experience with social services, policing, Davis PD, etc. call in on April 6!

Leave a voicemail public comment to be played at the April 6 City Council meeting. You can call any time between noon and the end of public comment for the item the day of the meeting. Please use your own words to share your story and expertise and call on the city council to create an independent Department of Public Safety to handle all non-violent service calls.

Public comment instructions: On April 6 between noon and 6:30, leave a voicemail of up to 2 minutes: 1-530-757-5693State your name and the agenda item – Police Follow Up DiscussionWe will not have the exact agenda item until closer to the meeting, but you can check here to find it. If you are a Facebook user, show your support on Social Media!

Show a visible sign of support by changing your Facebook frame as part of the #TimefortheNine social media campaign. Click here or visit davis9.carrd.co for more information. 

Spread the word about these efforts with your friends and colleagues! You can direct them to this website for more information.

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