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Hello! With the General Assembly doing Vote-A-Rama on Monday and Tuesday before leaving for veto days, there’s obviously a lot of KYGA21 news this week. We did a couple of summary stories of the important bills.

The Repubs in Frankfort passed a budget that basically takes what Beshear wanted to spend to help Kentuckians and puts it on in the rainy day fund. Even so, there is much to come on the budget, as negotiations are continuing.

Lots of good commentaries this week, plus some none-KYGA stories and photos. Enjoy!

Bruce Maples

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Dear Repubs – We’ve got your call-out culture right here!

Commentary  ●  Marshall Ward  ●  March 19, 2021

Repubs are worried about being “called out” when they don’t deserve it. But, based on these hair-on-fire statements they’ve made through the years, they actually need to be called out regularly.

LG&E and KY seek regressive residential & commercial rate hikes & restructuring

Action  ●  Guest Author  ●  March 19, 2021

LG&E has filed another case with the Public Service Commission asking to raise and restructure its gas and electric rates in regressive, anti-consumer ways. Learn more here, including what YOU can do.

State rep plans vigil for those murdered and wounded in Atlanta shootings

Action  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  March 19, 2021

State Representative Nima Kulkarni and other community organizations will be hosting a vigil at Louisville’s Waterfront Park at 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 21st.

★  Beshear helps Kentuckians, while GOP abandons us

Commentary  ●  Guest Author  ●  March 19, 2021

Governor Beshear provided the legislature with a budget that would provide relief to so many in need of help right now. Republicans in Frankfort chose to abandon the people of this Commonwealth instead.

Jameson Cable of the Kentucky History podcast, & the deluge of crap at the end of the session

Media  ●  My Old Kentucky Podcast  ●  March 19, 2021

Jameson Cable of the KY History Podcast joined Robert this week to talk about his show and the importance of history education. And, LuTisha Buckner and Robert went through more than a dozen bad KYGA21 bills (as well as a few good ones).

The billboard in Paducah, sponsored by Indivisible Four Rivers

Indivisible group puts up new billboard about HR1

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  March 18, 2021

The Indivisible group in western Kentucky has put up another billboard in Padacuh, this timing raising support for HR1, the “For the People Act.”

 Massie among 12 who voted against awarding medals to Capitol police

News  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  March 18, 2021

Rep. Thomas Massie was among twelve Republicans who voted against awarding medals to law enforcement officers who defended the chamber during the Capitol riot.

General Assembly sends a resolution on emergency orders and several other pandemic-related bills to the governor

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  March 18, 2021

The General Assembly has sent Gov. Beshear a list of which COVID-19 emergency orders should stay in place if the legislature wins its legal battle over the governor’s emergency powers.

★  Good bills, bad bills, who-knows bills — 18 bills that just made the cut-off

News  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  March 17, 2021

Here are 18 bills that passed in the last two days. Some are good bills (in our opinion), some are bad bills (some are REALLY bad), and some are either a mix of good and bad or a “who knows?” situation.

Seven bills that DIDN’T pass KYGA21 (so far)

News  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  March 17, 2021

As lawmakers rushed to pass bills over the final two days of the session before “veto days,” some bills just didn’t make it. Here are seven such bills.

★  Cameron demands tax cuts, threatens lawsuit

Commentary  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  March 17, 2021

AG Daniel Cameron sent a letter to the chair of the Federal Reserve demanding that Kentucky be allowed to use the relief money for tax cuts. If not, he and 20 other Repub AGs are going to sue.

My focus is off, but her determination is clear.

★  Remembering Breonna Taylor — a story in photos

Media  ●  Del Ramey  ●  March 17, 2021

A memorial and demonstration was held on March 13 in Louisville to mark the one-year anniversary of the killing of Breonna Taylor at the hands of Louisville police. Del Ramey was there with his trusty camera, and gathered this story in pictures.

Filibuster THIS!

Commentary  ●  Marshall Ward  ●  March 17, 2021

The U.S. is again approaching a crucial point in our right to vote. The result will either be the biggest advance since the landmark Civil Rights Act, or the biggest setback since the start of Jim Crow in the 1870s.

We have a budget! Well … sorta.

Publisher’s Blog  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  March 16, 2021

And for heaven’s sake, let’s not stuff the money under the mattress, when so many people are hurting. People need help now. If ever there was a rainy day, this is it.

Legislature passes budget bill restricting spending of $2.6B from Congress — for now

News  ●  Courier Journal  ●  March 16, 2021

The House and Senate gave final passage to a budget bill that keeps spending constant while restricting the governor from spending any of the COVID-19 relief that is headed Kentucky’s way. 

Watch out for Republicans trying to claim credit for American Rescue Plan’s state and local aid

Commentary  ●  Daily Kos  ●  March 16, 2021

Everyone, and especially the local media who will likely be getting those Republican press releases taking credit, needs to be clear: Democrats made this happen.

Election reforms pass Senate Committee

News  ●  Kentucky Today  ●  March 16, 2021

A House bill to make many of the election changes made due to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 permanent passed a Senate committee on Monday.

KY Senate panel advances bill supporting child sex-abuse victims

News  ●  Kentucky News Connection  ●  March 16, 2021

A bill that would extend the statute of limitations for misdemeanor sex offenses involving minors from five to ten years after their eighteenth birthday is progressing through the Legislature.

★  Why does McConnell win? It’s simple: politics without principles.

Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  March 16, 2021

McConnell called Merrick Garland a “straight-shooter.” But when it comes to McConnell himself, being a straight-shooter is the LAST term you would use. And it’s been that way for decades.

★ Government has abandoned these four duties for too long – and the consequences are deadly

Commentary  ●  Guest Author  ●  March 15, 2021

The functions of government are precisely those which are not the functions of business or the markets. Here are four areas where government must step up and lead.

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