The American Rescue Plan should be just the start

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Call scripts for our Members of Congress (and a link to register for Rep. Garamendi’s virtual Town Hall)

Hi Indivisibles,

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan last Thursday and just in the nick of time; benefits were due to expire March 14. Thanks to the Progressive Congressional Caucus for keeping their eyes on the prize and not allowing the American Rescue Plan to be watered down by moderates in the House or Senate. We didn’t get everything that we wanted but it is a tremendous victory for the American people. A special thanks to President Biden for persuading the Senate to cooperate and kudos to the House and Senate for passing this massive bill. President Biden, VP Kamala Harris, and Jill Biden will be hitting the road to promote and explain it to the American people this week and hopefully remind them that no Republicans supported this bill even though they will try to take credit for it.

We will continue calling on Senator Feinstein to eliminate the filibuster so that the Senate will be able to pass all of the important legislation coming out of the House. We must pass HR1: for the people Act, HR4: John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and HR51: DC Statehood. We must continue to thank Senator Padilla for supporting the causes that are so important to all of us. He is doing a great job and we need to let him know- while still urging him to do more. We’d especially hope he can help us convince his colleague Sen. Feinstein that the filibuster must go. We want the American Rescue Plan to be just the start!

Interested in reading more about why the filibuster doesn’t encourage bipartisan debate, but just grinds progressive legislation to a halt? Indivisible has an explainer here.

Check out our event calendar at for virtual events and actions, including Action Coffee on Mondays and the Fixing our Democracy Action Hour- now on Sundays at 5pm.

Text: Fixing our democracy. Volunteers needed. Blueprint provided. Action Hours: New time! 5pm on Sundays on Zoom. Images are of the Indivisible Yolo logo and of a stylized silhouette of the Capitol building in white on a blue blueprint paper style background.

Our six week series delving into the new Indivisible Guide has concluded – but there is still plenty of fixing of our democracy left to do, so we are extending Action Hour through the rest of the first 100 days of the Biden administration. It’s still every Sunday, but now at a new (and we hope more convenient) time: 5pm. We’ll review democracy reform developments and continue to give you directions each week on an easy action to take to persuade our elected officials to enact the key democracy reforms in the new Indivisible guide.
The next meeting is 5pm Sunday. Slides, action scripts, a tally sheet to track your actions, and the Zoom link can be found at:

Register for and attend Rep. Garamendi’s virtual town hall on Tuesday

Congressman John Garamendi will host a virtual town hall on Tuesday, March 16 at 6 pm “to discuss how the American Rescue Plan directly benefits our district and address questions from the community.” Click here to register for the event, and here to pre-submit questions you would like asked during the discussion (they had some typos on the question submission form at time of writing, but we hope they’ll sort it out!)

Urge Senator Feinstein to eliminate the filibuster

Sample Call Script for Sen. FEINSTEIN:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, zip code].
I’m calling to urge Senator Feinstein to abolish the filibuster. Republicans are pushing an avalanche of state bills attacking our freedom to vote. Senate bill S.1 – the For the People Act – would fight back against these attacks on our democracy. 

But there’s no doubt that Mitch McConnell will use the filibuster to kill S.1. Please tell Senator Feinstein that the time has come to eliminate the filibuster to protect our voting rights. Thank you.

If you get a staffer: Please have your office get back to me on where Senator Feinstein stands on eliminating the filibuster. My phone number is [phone number] and my email address is [email].

Thank Senator Padilla & urge him to do more

Sample Call Script:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, zip code].
Please let Senator Padilla know how thankful I am that the Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan so quickly. It’s an historic victory for the American people, and such a clear example of why voting matters. 

But I’m extremely worried about the avalanche of anti-voting bills being pushed at the state level by Republicans. Unless the Senate eliminates the filibuster, we won’t be able to defend against these attacks on our democracy. I’m glad Senator Padilla agrees with this — and I urge him to do everything he can to convince Senator Feinstein that the filibuster has got to go. Thank you.  

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