For The People. Mapping how H.R. 1 fights voter suppression.

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For The People. Mapping how H.R. 1 fights voter suppression.

“We the People deserve a responsive, accountable government that gives us all a stronger voice and puts our needs ahead of special interests.

Congress must pass the For The People Act (H.R. 1) — a bold, comprehensive package of democracy reforms including independent redistricting commissions, citizen-funded elections, closing the revolving door between government and corporate interests, and protecting voters against discrimination. H.R. 1 — is the boldest democracy reform since Watergate. It’s a massive overhaul of money-in-politics, voting, and ethics laws — all to make our democracy more inclusive.” – Common Cause

This relationship map shows the web of forces working to suppress voters and the growing momentum in favor of FOR THE PEOPLE.

This map can be shared with this link or embedded into a web site to help others understand how they can support H.R. 1. with this line of code < iframe src=”” width=”1024″ height=”576″ frameborder=”0″>

Keep it simple to engage more people

Make it easy for more people to understand how their voting rights are being slashed. We designed this relationship map using Kumu (a free app) that connects details from many articles, videos and other sources with attribution into in an interactive map that is easily shared and updated. The map is interactive and clicking on it reveals more details. It even includes a link to the full H.R. 1 bill and a spreadsheet to show the status of different Georgia voter suppression bill.

Takeaway: Fight voter suppression and the corrupting influence of money in politics. Support ‘FOR THE PEOPLE’ bill H.R. 1


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