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Hi Indivisibles,

This promises to be a busy week, with the second impeachment of Donald Trump, and President Biden working to get the Covid Relief Bill passed in a timely manner. Democrats are looking to skirt possible delays by using budget reconciliation that will allow them to approve the bill without Republican cooperation.

Meanwhile, we at Indivisible Yolo are demanding that Senator Feinstein vote for removal of the filibuster and that Rep. Garamendi uses his power in the House to go on the news media outlets and speak out in favor of HR1, the For the People Act, which targets voter suppression, gerrymandering, money in politics, corruption, and more. He can educate the American people about what the bill contains and how our fragile democracy needs HR1 right now. It is important to call our MoCs often and let them know how important this is to us.

Example call scripts and contact information for our members of Congress are below.

Check out our event calendar at for virtual events and actions, including Action Coffee on Mondays and our new Fixing our Democracy Action Hour on Sundays.

We invite everyone who’d like to learn more about the actions they can take to save our democracy to come to our next virtual Fixing our Democracy Action Hour at 2pm Sunday!

Fixing our democracy- Volunteers needed. Blueprint provided. Action hours: 2 pm Sundays, Jan 31-Mar 7 on Zoom. Indivisible Yolo

We have a short window to save our democracy. Getting it done depends on all of us, and the new Indivisible guide provides a blueprint. Each hour of this six-week series has a “learn and do” format. First, organizers will lead a short discussion on a part of the new guide. Then, you’ll get directions on an easy action to take to persuade our elected officials to enact the key reforms in the guide.
Thank you to everyone who attended so far! We’ve had 63 different activists collectively taking over 150 actions- let’s keep it going!

The next meeting is 2pm Sunday. Slides, action scripts, a tally sheet to track your actions, and the Zoom link can be found at:

Tell our Senators: To pass H.R.1, we must eliminate the filibuster

Sample Call Script for Sen. FEINSTEIN:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, zip code].
I’m calling to urge Senator Feinstein to take action in defense of our democracy. I’m passionate about HR1 becoming law. Already Republican controlled state legislatures are introducing bills to restrict voting access.

If we don’t eliminate the filibuster and pass HR1, we may never get another chance to strengthen our Democracy. Thank you.

If you get a staffer: I would appreciate it if your office can get back to me on where Senator Feinstein stands on this issue. My phone number is [phone number] and my email address is [email].

Sen. Padilla has publicly called for ending the filibuster; a quick “thank you” for his position will let him know he has the support of his constituents.

Tell our Representative: Be a leader and stand strong for H.R.1(Note: only one of these 2 Congressmembers represents you. You can find out which one here)Rep. Garamendi (530) 753-5301 (Davis) (202)-225-1880 (D.C.) (email)Rep. Matsui (916) 498-5600 (Sacramento) (202) 225-7163 (D.C.) (email)Sample Call Script:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent from [CITY, zip code]. I was thrilled to see Representative Garamendi/Matsui sign onto HR1.  Thank you!

I would like them to do more than just sign onto an already popular bill. Please ask him/her to show the leadership that comes with his/her years of service. He/she should do everything possible, including prominent statements to the media, to pass HR1. Without HR1 becoming law, we could fall back into the hands of seditionists in 2022.

If you get a staffer: Please call or email me with his/her plans for passing HR1 at: phone and email.

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