2/7/21 Newsletter- Please Take The Survey

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FIXING OUR DEMOCRACY 2021 AND BEYOND Welcome to our new challenge! We are transitioning from our original mission of defeating Trump and his disastrous policies to moving our representatives to more progressive, inclusive and equitable ones. Leadership of this group is key. 4 of our 6 leaders are stepping down and with this new focus, it’s time for new leadership. None of these jobs are hard and we have plenty of people and resources to help you. Without you, our Indivisible will disappear. We know from prior surveys we have a lot of talent in our group! If you missed our meeting last week to meet Abby, our new Indivisible coordinator, she went over the highlights of the new Indivisible Guide and answered our questions.The link to the recorded meeting is HERE. THIS SERVES AS YOUR NEWSLETTER THIS WEEK.This email provides you with the information above about where Indivisible is going and we kindly request you fill out our interest survey HEREno later than February 15, 2021. We love all of you who worked so hard these past 4+ years! Look what we’ve accomplished! We hope you’re ready to take the next steps, stick with us and sign up for something. We’ve got your back. We need your ideas.

We need new leadership and fresh voices. Take the survey to keep Indivisible St. Johns going!

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MISSION STATEMENT: To build and sustain an inclusive proactive community that will protect our environment, our freedoms and our basic human and civil rights. We are committed to an indivisible St. Johns County with liberty and justice for all.

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