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Indivisible National
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Indivisible National is sponsoring 3 virtual events you may be interested in attending. Take a look!

Registration is required for each event. Events and registration details are also posted on our website,

We Won, What’s Next? Indivisible’s 2021 Strategy Session
Sunday, January 31st at 10am-2pm HST 
We did it! We beat Trump and his cronies, kept The People’s House, and took back the United States Senate! This is an important moment to come together as a movement, celebrate our accomplishments, and look forward together to the future. The work must continue. Join us for this half-day strategy session, where we will discuss our plans to reform the American democracy as we head into a Democratic trifecta! You’ll have a chance to connect with other Indivisible group leaders, groups members, and activists from across the country. When Indivisibles in rural and urban areas can lean on others and work together, we are stronger than ever. We are so excited to see you on January 31st!

Full agenda

Make sure you register HERE and we will keep you updated with information as we get closer. 

New Year, New Plan: Working with Blue MoCs 
Thursday, February 4th at 2pm HST or 
Friday, February 5th at 10am HST 

This one hour long training session will cover how to work with your Democratic member of Congress. We know there is a broad spectrum when it comes to Democratic members, we will discuss the differences across the Democratic party from progressive Dems to working with conservative Democrats. We will also spend time exploring strategies and tactics for holding your Democratic member accountable during a trifecta. Of course we will leave some time for questions along the way.

Both of these sessions will cover the same material, so there is no need to register for more than one. 
Click here to register for the event on Thursday, Feb 4th
Click here to register for the event on Friday, Feb 5th

Indivisible State Legislative Advocacy Kickoff Webinar
Wednesday, February 3 at 3:30pm HST 
Indivisible is so excited to announce the launch of the State Legislative Advocacy support program for 2021! What does that mean? We want to support the work of Indivisible groups on the ground! We know you are working hard to advocate for progressive legislation at the local level and we couldn’t be more excited! Attend this webinar to learn about how you can get support to build advocacy campaigns, research legislation, as well as help talking about progressive legislation with your state and local representatives. We’ll walk you through the supports we can offer, how to access those supports, and more.

Register HERE


Visit our WEBSITE for info on upcoming events!

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Indivisible Hawaii brings the fight to save our democracy to nearly 400 of our friends and neighbors on Oahu plus members through the Indivisible Hawaii Statewide Network chapters on Kauai, Maui County and Hawaii Island.

Indivisible Hawaii is a pro-democracy citizen activist group whose mission is to protect and enhance the institutions of democracy in our Country and our State. We seek to resist Trumpism by engaging our elected officials at all levels of government and promote progressive and democratic values.

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