Forward 5 — FBI Vetting National Guard, Republicans Upset with McConnell

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The Forward Five – Monday, 1/18/21

Five Things to Know Today

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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Here’s a screenshot from the top of the home page of Forward Kentucky:

Yes, this is the last Monday of the worst presidency in the history of our country. And yes, we’ve been counting it down for over a month.

Noon on Wednesday cannot come soon enough. Getting Biden/Harris in, and Trump/Pence out, is going to be a “whew, we made it” moment. But, as Churchill once said, this is only the end of the beginning. We still have much, much work left.

I could try to make a list of all the things on our national to-do list, but it would overwhelm this note and your inbox. Here’s just a few headings: COVID, economy, Justice Department, NATO, Russia.

But … we also have to include working on justice for all, anti-racism, pro-democracy, civic culture, and a whole host of national values we have too long ignored. And we have to try to rebuild a shared world of reality and truth, where we all operate from the same facts, even if we don’t agree on the meaning of those facts.

The Trump presidency has revealed not just the shaky foundation of our democracy, but also the rot and termites throughout. It’s time we admit we have these problems, and figure out how to solve them.

Two days. And then, years.

Let us get to it.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Sunday’s pandemic report was much like Saturday’s, with most metrics showing a decline but death rates setting more records, likely in part the results of cases that were part of surges during recent holiday periods. (Forward Kentucky)

Amid fears of ‘insider’ attack, FBI vetting Guard troops in DC

U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event. (NextStar)

Lots of police and media, but few demonstrators at Kentucky Capitol

State capitals nationwide boosted security Sunday after the FBI warned of armed protests planned in all 50 states. But the Capitol building in Frankfort was all quiet Sunday afternoon, with media and law enforcement vastly outnumbering a few people who tried to enter the grounds and were turned away.

The Capitol grounds were closed Sunday, with only police cars and military vehicles allowed near the building. Kentucky State Police Sgt. Billy Gregory said they were prepared for whatever may happen, but they weren’t aware of any specific plans and no permits have been given, but the Capitol grounds are closed and the National Guard and KSP are on standby. (WFPL)

Stivers says legislature could negotiate with Beshear on emergency bills

Senate President Robert Stivers said there could be negotiations instead of overrides on bills limiting governor’s powers – if Beshear is willing to discuss. But the governor still says “changing the rules in the midst of a worldwide health pandemic seems like a bad idea.” (Forward Kentucky)

Republican Party of Kentucky planning special meeting to call on McConnell to support Trump

Via BG Politics Twitter:  Over 30 county chairs and vice-chairs throughout the state of Kentucky have called for an immediate meeting of the state party leadership. The special meeting called today is to consider a proposed resolution calling on Sen. Mitch McConnell to fully support Pres. Trump and condemn the superflous and divisive second impeachment of Pres. Trump.

The coalition of county party leaders feel the vacuum the lack of support from McConnell is causing a rift. (sic) “It is time for the Kentucky Republican Party to let our people know we stand with President Trump,” said Don Thrasher, Chair of the Republican Party of Nelson County. Going on to add “we are going to see a mass exodus if Sen. McConnell doesn’t act in the best interest of the state party.”

RPK Chair Mac Brown responded to Thrasher this morning to say they are working on the logistics to hold a special meeting as soon as possible. No meeting date has been set.

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