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  • A moving reflection by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday’s events, the enablers, and our country – Kristallnacht. Brownshirts. Men who were ashamed of what they had done, and who they had become. And, what we have to do to get past Wednesday’s events. (Video)
  • Unity – Nick Anderson sees the current calls for “unity” very clearly (Cartoon)
  • Attack, Impeachment – Now What? – It’s been a traumatic and historic time in our history. We talk with Cong. John Yarmuth and Prof. Josh Douglas about the attack on the Capitol, the vote to impeach, the strains on our democracy, and what comes next. (Video/Audio)

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6 January 2021- Washington DC- A protester stands with a Confederate flag after storming the Capitol during a Joint Session of Congress in which members were to certify the 2020 Presidential election. (photo by Chris Kleponis/Sipa USA via AP Images)

The Confederate battle flag, which rioters flew inside the US Capitol, has long been a symbol of white insurrection
News  ●  The Conversation  ●  January 16, 2021
Confederate soldiers never reached the Capitol during the Civil War. But the Confederate battle flag was flown by rioters in the U.S. Capitol building for the first time ever on Jan. 6. The flag’s prominence in the Capitol riot comes as no surprise to those who, like me, know its history: Since its debut during the Civil War, the Confederate battle flag has been flown regularly by white insurrectionists and reactionaries fighting against rising tides of newly won Black political power.

1/16 update — Most measures of pandemic ease slightly, but 32 more deaths keep that trend at a high
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 16, 2021
Kentucky recorded 3,096 new cases of the coronavirus Saturday, lowering the seven-day average for the fourth straight day, to 3,438. But at the same time, the mortality rate trended to new highs.

Security at KY Capitol increased for next several days; area closed on Sunday
News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 16, 2021
Gov. Beshear announced expanded security at the state capitol, including closing the grounds and the area around it on Sunday.

Attack, Impeachment – Now What?
Media  ●  The State of Kentucky  ●  January 15, 2021
It’s been a traumatic and historic time in our history. We talk with Cong. John Yarmuth and Prof. Josh Douglas about the attack on the Capitol, the vote to impeach, the strains on our democracy, and what comes next.

KYGA20 open-records-exception-bill resurfaces in KYGA21
Policy  ●  Amye Bensenhaver  ●  January 15, 2021
Current law already allows for an exception to open records statutes to protect privacy concerns. HB 293 is a solution in search of a problem.

🔥Impeachment committee meetings must be fully transparent
Commentary  ●  Amye Bensenhaver  ●  January 15, 2021
After observing the first meeting of the impeachment committee, any lingering hope that the committee would adhere to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act vanished.

Ky. National Guard will be in DC, State Capitol on inauguration day
News  ●  Kentucky Today  ●  January 15, 2021
KY National Guard is sending 270 members to Washington for the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. In addition, the Guard will be assisting with security at the Kentucky Capitol.

KY counties seek local control of tobacco marketing, sales
News  ●  Kentucky News Connection  ●  January 15, 2021
A dozen states, including Kentucky, have laws on the books preempting local tobacco ordinances. These bills would restore local control over tobacco and vaping ordinances.

A medal for Presidential lickspittles and look-alikes
Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 15, 2021
What if Trump, his time almost up, got busy and made the Presidential Medal of Freedom retroactive back into history? What kindred spirits might he choose? Here’s a Trumpian list.

1/14 update — On a day with many COVID deaths, governor touts progress, optimism about rollout of coronavirus vaccines
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 15, 2021
As the specter of COVID-19 deaths grew larger, Gov. Andy Beshear announced progress on getting Kentuckians vaccinated to quell the pandemic.

Kentucky PSC limits utility rate increase and protects rooftop solar – for now
News  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 15, 2021
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and others have been pushing the Public Service Commission on a number of issues. On Wednesday, the PSC agreed with KFTC on a number of those issues.

Emerge announces most diverse class in program’s history
Press Release  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 15, 2021
Emerge Kentucky is proud to announce its 12th class, a group of 27 women that hails from across the state and is the most diverse class in the program’s history, with over half being Black women and women of color.

Holding our breath
Commentary  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  January 14, 2021
Six days to inauguration; seven days to possibly convicting. Why go ahead with impeachment if he’s out? Here’s why.

Cartoon  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 14, 2021
Nick Anderson sees the current calls for “unity” very clearly.

Gov. Andy Beshear interview, and discussion with Bruce Maples on the legislative session
Media  ●  My Old Kentucky Podcast  ●  January 14, 2021
This week – Governor Beshear! Topics: his first year; deciding to run for office; his approach to COVID-19; the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s killing; and his relationship to the legislature. We also discussed KYGA21 with Bruce Maples, including the bills that have already passed, the budget, and the GOP’s impeachment committee.

Yarmuth statement on second impeachment of President Trump
News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 14, 2021
Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) released this statement regarding today’s House of Representatives vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump for the second time:

Yarmuth only Kentucky representative to vote for impeachment
News  ●  Kentucky Today  ●  January 14, 2021
Five of Kentucky’s six representatives voted No when President Donald Trump was impeached Wednesday in a bipartisan vote.

First part of KYGA21 session adjourns; placeholder budget sent to committee
News  ●  Kentucky Today  ●  January 14, 2021
The Kentucky General Assembly spent the last day of the first part of the 2021 session working on the state budget, and sent one other bill to the governor.

1/13 update — State reports third largest number of deaths from coronavirus in one day, fourth largest number of new cases in a day
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 14, 2021
Kentucky reported the fourth largest number of new coronavirus cases Wednesday, along with the third largest number of additional deaths.

★ 🔥 Goforth impeachment petition filed; more coming
News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 13, 2021
An impeachment petition has been filed against state Rep. Robert Goforth (R-89), asking that he be impeached for “misdemeanors in office.”

So much for the so-called “Law-and-Order, Back-the-Badge, Pro-Life” party
Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 13, 2021
Republicans as the “law-and-order” party? The “back-the-badge” party? The “pro-life” party? Uhm, not so much.

Are the state’s security plans subject to the open records law?
Policy  ●  Amye Bensenhaver  ●  January 13, 2021
Governor Beshear has refused to divulge any details about security plans for the Capitol. So the question remains – can you use the Open Records law to force the plans out into the open?

Budget bills continue to advance, moving to conference committee
News  ●  Kentucky Today  ●  January 13, 2021
Budget bills continue to advance in KYGA21, winning Senate committee approval on Tuesday. They should be approved today in the Senate, and head to a conference committee where the real work will begin.

Massive security put in place in DC to counter rumored insurrectionist attacks
News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 13, 2021
In response to rumored attacks on not only the inauguration, but various sites across Washington, a massive security mobilization has already begun that includes as many as 15,000 National Guard troops.

1/12 update — 7-day average of new cases goes above 4,000 for the first time in Kentucky
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 13, 2021
Gov. Beshear took hope in a two-day drop in the positivity rate, saying perhaps people had already reverted to safer behaviors after the holidays. He also discussed the impeachment petition.

★ 🔥 14th Amendment also applies to state electeds. Do any KY legislators fit the requirements?
Commentary  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  January 12, 2021
There’s a lot of buzz about using the 14th Amendment against both the insurrectionists and the persons who incited the attack. But did you know the 14th also applies to STATE legislators?

🔥 Goddard to the ‘law and order’ party: When will you denounce lawlessness?
Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 12, 2021
Otherwise mild-mannered Graves County substitute teacher Charlotte Goddard has tossed down the gauntlet to Republican lawmakers in Frankfort.

House moves four state budget bills to Senate
News  ●  Kentucky Today  ●  January 12, 2021
The Kentucky House passed four of the five state budget bills on Monday, along with a measure to reorganize the General Assembly’s Program Review and Investigations Committee.

🔥 1/11 update — Beshear says “a phone works both ways”
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 12, 2021
Faced with laws to limit his emergency powers, Gov. Beshear dismissed complaints of the Republican-controlled legislature and reiterated his plan for vetoes, and court action if they are overridden.

🔥 Sign the petition to stop the GOP impeachment of Governor Beshear
Action  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 11, 2021
Kentucky Republicans are getting up a committee to consider a petition to impeach Gov. Beshear. Sign this petition opposing those GOP political opportunists who are looking for any excuse to impeach Beshear.

1/10 update — Positivity rate keeps climbing; most cases ever on a Sunday
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 11, 2021
The pandemic in Kentucky kept accelerating Sunday.

The People’s House is now a crime scene
Commentary  ●  Marshall Ward  ●  January 10, 2021
Our corrupt, deranged president, his sycophants, and the silence of his complicit enablers set the stage for the January 6th crimes in the People’s house.

★ 🔥 A moving reflection by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday’s events, the enablers, and our country
Commentary  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 10, 2021
Kristallnacht. Brownshirts. Men who were ashamed of what they had done, and who they had become. And, what we have to do to get past Wednesday’s events.

🔥 We’ve expelled members of Congress before. We should do it now as well.
Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 10, 2021
Sen. Hawley, allow me to introduce Sen. Polk, your fellow Missourian. Congressman Rogers, meet Congressman Burnett, a Kentuckian like you. Both were expelled from Congress. It’s time to do that again.

★ 🔥 Dear Speaker Osborne – You CHOSE to take up impeachment. But, we have an answer.
Commentary  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  January 10, 2021
Speaker Osborne said he HAD to entertain the request for impeachment of the Governor by forming a special committee. The truth is, he did not. But, if he’s going to take that position, let’s take him at his word!

GOP-run legislature passes six bills in five days – four to limit governor’s powers in the middle of a pandemic
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 10, 2021
In rare Saturday meetings, the #KYGA21 Republican supermajorities passed six of their priority bills, four aimed at limiting Democratic Gov. Beshear’s powers and two to further regulate abortion.

2 anti-abortion bills are sent again to Beshear; opponents still say neither is necessary
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 10, 2021
Two abortion-related bills were passed yesterday in #KYGA21: the so-called “born alive” bill, and one that gives the attorney general new power to regulate abortion care providers.

1/9 update — 300,000th case, outbreaks at prisons; Beshear warns about new legislation
News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 10, 2021
As the pandemic’s latest surge put the state over 300,000 cases, Gov. Beshear warned that legislation the General Assembly sent to him Saturday would “hamper our ability to fight a deadly virus.”

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