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Good morning! Donald Trump has now set a major milestone: he is the only president to ever be impeached twice.

He was, of course, not convicted the first time, to the everlasting shame of the Republicans in the Senate. But this time, it appears he will also be convicted, especially since Democrats will control the Senate by the time the trial commences.

And that is, as they say, the “sticky wicket.” While McConnell let it be known that he was glad the Dems were pursuing impeachment, giving some hope that there might be a chance of him doing the right thing, in the end he refused to call the Senate back into session to begin the trial now, pushing it into Biden’s first term.

So, if Trump is out as of Wednesday, why continue to push for impeachment? Because it can also be used to ban Trump from ever holding office again, thus cutting off the Trump 2024 movement.

But more importantly — because it is the right thing to do. As many have said, if incitement to insurrection is not impeachable, then what is? It is time for us as a nation to begin recovering the rule of law, and this is part of that work.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the announced gatherings of armed right-wingers and Trumpists are peaceful, and that Trump doesn’t do anything else to burn it all down on his way out the door.

Six days, three hours, and forty-nine minutes until Biden and Harris are sworn in (as of when I am writing this). It is truly a commentary on the Trump presidency and what it has done to our nation that we are all holding our breath until then.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and get the vaccine when you can. We’re going to continue getting through this, together.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

1/13 update — State reports third largest number of deaths from coronavirus in one day, fourth largest number of new cases in a day

Kentucky reported the fourth largest number of new coronavirus cases Wednesday, along with the third largest number of additional deaths. The positivity rate dropped a little, but is stil twice what it was weeks ago. (Forward Kentucky)

First part of KYGA21 session adjourns; placeholder budget sent to committee

The Kentucky General Assembly spent the last day of the first part of the 2021 session working on the state budget, and sent one other bill to the governor. (Forward Kentucky)

Goforth impeachment petition filed; more coming

An impeachment petition has been filed against state Rep. Robert Goforth (R-89), asking that he be impeached for “misdemeanors in office.” The petition cites his indictment for assault of his wife, as well as abusing his office for personal gain. More such petitions are expected. (Forward Kentucky)

McConnell won’t call Senate back for Trump impeachment trial

Even though he has indicated he is open to voting to convict, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday rejected a Democratic attempt to swiftly call the Senate into emergency session to hold an impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, all but assuring that those proceedings won’t occur until after Trump leaves office. (NexStar)

Beshear impeachment committee meets, adopts rules

After the chambers adjourned on Wednesday, the special committee to hear the Beshear impeachment petition met. The committee set its rules and appointed a clerk. One of the rules is that if the petition is not successful (in other words, Beshear is not impeached), the petitioners have to bear all costs of the proceedings, including attorney fees and legislator time.

The committee asked Governor Beshear to respond by January 22, and then the petitioners to respond to Beshear’s response by January 26. The next meeting of the committee will be January 27.

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[New] Are the state’s security plans subject to the open records law? – Governor Beshear has refused to divulge any details about security plans for the Capitol. So the question remains – can you use the Open Records law to force the plans out into the open? (Analysis)

[New] Budget bills continue to advance, moving to conference committee – Budget bills continue to advance in KYGA21, winning Senate committee approval on Tuesday. They should be approved today in the Senate, and head to a conference committee where the real work will begin. (News)

Budget bills continue to advance, moving to conference committee – Budget bills continue to advance in KYGA21, winning Senate committee approval on Tuesday. They should be approved today in the Senate, and head to a conference committee where the real work will begin. (News)

🔥 14th Amendment also applies to state electeds. Do any KY legislators fit the requirements? – There’s a lot of buzz about using the 14th Amendment against both the insurrectionists and the persons who incited the attack. But did you know the 14th also applies to STATE legislators? (Commentary)

🔥 Goddard to the ‘law and order’ party: When will you denounce lawlessness? – Otherwise mild-mannered Graves County substitute teacher Charlotte Goddard has tossed down the gauntlet to Republican lawmakers in Frankfort. (Commentary)

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🔥 We’ve expelled members of Congress before. We should do it now as well. – Sen. Hawley, allow me to introduce Sen. Polk, your fellow Missourian. Congressman Rogers, meet Congressman Burnett, a Kentuckian like you. Both were expelled from Congress. It’s time to do that again. (Commentary)

🔥 Dear Speaker Osborne – You CHOSE to take up impeachment. But, we have an answer. – Speaker Osborne said he HAD to entertain the request for impeachment of the Governor by appointing a special committee. The truth is, he did not. But, if he’s going to take that position, let’s take him at his word! (Commentary)

🔥 An honest assessment of the Kentucky Democratic Party from the youngest person in leadership – Ariana Velasquez was elected to the KDP executive committee when she was 17 and in high school. Now, five years later, she shares some insights she has gained as to how to make KDP better. (Commentary)

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