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Happy Monday! There are only 29 days until they drag Trump out kicking and screaming…

GEORGIA We’re going to start with Georgia today! An NBC analysis found that 67,135 newly registered voters with no general election vote history were added to the list of potential voters for the upcoming runoffs. These voters were registered between Nov. 4 and the state registration deadline on Dec. 7. There is a very slight numerical advantage for Democrats, 44 to 41%, but the victors will be the ones who get people to show up at the polls. The GOP faithful never miss a vote and they’ll be there, with bells on (and guns, within 150 feet of polling places!) So sign up to help phonebank now! There are also some postcard parties listed below as well. (

FEATURED ACTION FOR GEORGIA! (Our original post with these actions is found at Don’t live in Georgia but want a meaningful (and Georgia-approved!) way to help? Join the Phone Crew to shift & confirm volunteers for our Georgia dem county parties and Indivisible volunteers. Provide your availability for call time below! (

RECLAIM OUR VOTE CAMPAIGN: Phonebank to Georgia voters of color with Mark Hamill. Sign up here.
RECLAIM OUR VOTE CAMPAIGN: CALLAPALOOZA!: 4 days leading up to Election Day, choose a team and phonebank to win! Sign up here. (
YOUNG DEMS phonebanks in partnership with Student Social Movement, Blue Future, Young Jews for Joe, & Penn Dems ( or (
COALITION ON HUMAN NEEDS: CHN is partnering with Reclaim Our Vote. Sign up for a phone bank training and call shift tonight at 7:30 p.m.!(
)- SPANISH SPEAKERS! Our allies are also looking for supporters from anywhere in the country who are fluent in Spanish. If you speak Spanish, email Elizabeth Silva at ( to phone bank with our allies at The Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO). GALEO will be hosting phone bank trainings tomorrow, December 22nd and next Tuesday the 29th. We have an urgent need to effectively reach out to Spanish speakers throughout Georgia.
MORE DAYS listed for Warnock, Ossoff, and Blackman campaign phonebanks.

CONTINUING ACTIONS FOR GEORGIAThis is just a small sampling!(See all at
MIJENTE PAC: Phone/Textbanking For Spanish speakers only:
/The Environmental Voter Project is back up with some new phonebank times from Jan. 2-5.
FLIP THE WEST is doing INSTAGRAM DM every Thursday (
AAPI FLIP THE SENATE PHONEBANK w/AAPI Affinity Group. The fastest growing demographic in Georgia, there are nearly 250,000 Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPIs) voters in the Peach State. We will have phone bank links to call Chinese, Filipino, Taiwanese, Hmong, Iranian, Ismaili, Korean, Japanese, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian, and Vietnamese voters. (
SURJ has some new phonebanks here. (

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMENTS- Well, the comments directly to the BLM are over for a little while…until we have to write to them again to protest seismic testing over polar bear dens. Squished endangered polar bears. Seriously. We have to tell them “NO, BAD IDEA, GUYS!”- However, the Gwich’in Nation has got some great moves they could use our support with that might make the possibility of killing baby polar bears moot. The first one is the continuation of this week’s call-a-day actions. But this time, it’s not to an oil company with designs on our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but to an enabler of oil companies – Liberty Mutual, an insurance company. – The new PART 2 of this action is helping to get the attention of the CEO and others in Liberty Mutual. “Stop-the-Money-Pipeline” provides background and instructions on how to help here: BOTH actions now conveniently packed together for your enjoyment here: (

– THERE’S BEEN A MISTAKE!!! Email Newsom and spread the word to your social circle. Calculations have been made and we’re never going to get to a carbon-free 2045 unless we move up the switchover to 100% clean cars to 2030, NOT 2035. Plus, frontline communities that have disproportionately endured the harms of Big Oil for decades shouldn’t have to wait another 5 years for the first benefits of clean mobility and good-paying green jobs that this transition can bring. (

CONTINUING CIVIL RIGHTS ACTION This is a horrible Christmas season for a lot of families, some now being able to afford enough food for their kids, much less presents. But it could be worse. What you can do…Make 5 calls to protect +20 kids and their families from being deported. An alert reader noted a typo on a phone number and a stuffed mailbox, so we went back and re-called every number to see what adjustments needed to be made. The USCIS agent’s mailbox is taking messages again. We’ve also adjusted the minimum script slightly to make our role in calling more clear to staffers. Second time calling, we added more personal notes to the call. This is the holiday season. How can we send kids and their families back to a homeland so dangerous, they had to leave with what they could carry? Journalists are just starting to tabulate the murders of those who were sent back, those who couldn’t meet the Trump administration’s cruel new asylum requirements. The possible harm to these children who came to us for safety is a crime beyond measure. What kind of people are we? Have we learned nothing since we turned the St. Louis away in 1939, send hundreds of Jewish refugees to their deaths? Scripts and contacts here: (

CONTINUING POLITICAL ACTIONSCOVID ASSISTANCE: UPDATE: The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) announced they will use the power of a voting bloc to force extended UI benefits and $1200 cash assistance — to be included in the relief bill. Call your senators to push through the HEROES Act! The same GOP that gave $1.7 trillion in tax breaks to our richest, proposes crumbs for us and the state services people need, and are willing to hold everything hostage to get COVID liability protection to corporations. (

WRITE TO THOSE SEDITIOUS SCOUNDRELS who signed on to the criminal/Texas State AG’s lawsuit and tell them to resign. Pull out your patriotic or kitty-playing-with-yarn postcards and warm up your phone. Target those from your own state or try to get the whole collection. (

DC STATEHOOD and BAD HOUSE RULES: Seriously, DC Statehood would be one of the most BLM-positive events that could happen. Action #1: Tell your representative to get rid of the “Motion to Recommit” and the “PayGo” rules. This sounds weird, but there’s a really great video to explain it and it’s surprisingly important. Action #2: Tell your legislators that it’s time for D.C. statehood. Seriously. Excellent VOX video lays it out, along with a written post from Indivisible. Post for both actions here: (

KAMALA’S SENATE SEAT: KEEP CALLING! Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) just urged Newsom to appoint a woman of color to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s Senate seat once she assumes the office in January. “We absolutely cannot go backwards. With the election of @KamalaHarris to VP-elect, @CAgovernor must prioritize this leadership, perspective & representation in the vacated U.S. Senate seat & appoint a Black woman.” Pile on, people. Yeah, that’s how it works. Action and script here. ( Gavin Newsom: (916) 445-2841 email: ( are also two connected petitions: Black Lives Matter: ( to the Future: (

COVID INFORMATION Two of our great local doctors take time out to explain the vaccine and answer common questions, like “Do I still need to wear a mask after I get it?,” “Do I need to get the vaccine if I’ve already had COVID?” and “Can the vaccine give me COVID?” Please share with your social circles. Video link here: (

CHARITABLE OPPORTUNITIES! We have a whole page of them, including food and toy dropoffs, for those in need or for those who can help. ( we’ve missed one, please contact us at – Put “CHARITY” in the subject line.


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