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Happy Wednesday!

There’s lots to do, but first we want to mention that Georgia has had a record-shattering first day of early voting. 168k voted in-person today, up from 136K on the first day of in-person early voting for the general election.

Do not be lulled by articles stating that GOP voters are too upset by Trump’s loss to show up at the polls. They’ll be there, with bells on (and guns, within 150 feet of polling places!). So sign up to help phonebank now!

Our original post is found at (

2 FEATURED ACTIONS FOR GEORGIA!Don’t live in Georgia but want a meaningful (and Georgia-approved!) way to help? Join the Phone Crew to shift & confirm volunteers for our Georgia dem county parties and Indivisible volunteers. Provide your availability for call time below!

( “The Georgia senate runoff elections are less than a month away, and poll workers, who are mainly Black women, are being harassed and threatened. Election poll workers are front-line defenders of our democracy and should not live in fear because they are public servants. Facebook already offers additional privacy and safety features to journalists and politicians but refuses to protect election workers. This is unacceptable. Sign this petition demanding that Facebook ban the harassment of poll workers.”(

SURJ has some new phonebanks here. (
FLIP THE WEST is doing INSTAGRAM DM every Thursday (
– AAPE FLIP THE SENATE PHONEBANK w/AAPI Affinity Group. As the fastest growing demographic in Georgia, there are nearly 250,000 Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPIs) voters in the Peach State. Join us and AAPI affinity groups from across the nation to reach out to voter in the AAPI community and make sure they have a plan to vote! We will have phone bank links to call Chinese, Filipino, Taiwanese, Hmong, Iranian, Ismaili, Korean, Japanese, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian, and Vietnamese voters. (

CONTINUING ACTIONS FOR GEORGIA (See all at We have tons of phone/textbanking opportunities on our site here, There is a definite need for bilingual assistance as well. “Phonebanking for introverts” resource is here. (

Make 5 calls to protect +20 kids and their families from being deported. Scripts and contacts here: (

CONTINUING CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIONS- CALL: Casey Goodson died, holding a bag of sandwiches while trying to unlock his front door. Join in on an action to call the Columbus, Ohio sheriff, the mayor, the Franklin Coungy Prosecutor and Ohio’s governor, to get some justice for another senseless killing of a Black man. (

ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONS- Mark your calendar for a call a day to an oil company with possible designs on our Arctic National Wilderness Refuge. Today’s word is “EXXONMOBIL”
( DEADLINE Dec. 17th.: Write/Call about the oil industry lease sales being pushed through for the Arctic National Wilderness Refuge before Biden takes office. We have a phone and email script for your representatives and Senators, and a “Build-a-letter” guide to creating an original comment for the BLM. (

CONTINUING POLITICAL ACTIONS- COVID ASSISTANCE: UPDATE: The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) announced they will use the power of a voting bloc to force extended UI benefits and $1200 cash assistance — to be included in the relief bill. Call your senators to push through the HEROES Act! The GOP is trying to flip the script, saying that House Democrats are responsible for the hold-up. But the same Senate that gave $1.7 trillion in tax breaks to our richest, proposes crumbs for us, and MORE COVID liability protection to corporations. (See: “Tyson Managers Suspended After Allegedly Betting If Workers Would Contract COVID”) (

– WRITE TO THOSE SEDITIOUS SCOUNDRELS who signed on to the criminal/Texas State AG’s lawsuit and tell them to resign. Pull out your patriotic or kitty-playing-with-yarn postcards and warm up your phone. Target those from your own state or try to get the whole collection. (

– DC STATEHOOD and BAD HOUSE RULES: Seriously, DC Statehood would be one of the most BLM-positive events that could happen. Action #1: Tell your representative to get rid of the “Motion to Recommit” and the “PayGo” rules. This sounds weird, but there’s a really great video to explain it and it’s surprisingly important.Action #2: Tell your legislators that it’s time for D.C. statehood. Seriously. Excellent VOX video lays it out, along with a written post from Indivisible. Post for both actions here: (

– KAMALA’S SENATE SEAT: Keep calling/email Governor Newsom’s office to choose a Black woman to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate. Padilla has the inside track, so keep up the pressure. ( Action and script here. ( Gavin Newsom: (916) 445-2841 email: ( are also two connected petitions: Black Lives Matter: ( to the Future: (

CHARITABLE OPPORTUNITIES! We have a whole page of them, including food and toy dropoffs, for those in need or for those who can help. (

If we’ve missed one, please contact us at – Put “CHARITY” in the subject line.


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