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The OTHER newsletters you can get from us – and one you really should subscribe to

You probably know that Forward Kentucky has a total of five newsletters available to our readers:

  • The Newsletter – this newsletter – the general one we send to all email subscribers, twice a month
  • MOKP Newsletter – the weekly newsletter from My Old Kentucky Podcast
  • Action Alerts – email alerts when we need to take important action, such as calling about legislation
  • Weekly Wrap – a weekend email listing all the stories posted on Forward Kentucky in the last week
  • Forward Five – a weekday morning email with “five things you need to know,” plus other features such as upcoming events and the latest stories

It’s the last one, the Forward Five, that I want to talk about for a moment.

For some time, I’ve been considering expanding the Forward Five – not to include more “things you need to know,” but to go into a little more depth in the items. Instead of a short one-paragraph blurb, take a little more space to explain why the item is important, or give it some context, or (perhaps) even include other resources if you want to read further.

Many of the people who subscribe to the Forward Five tell me that it is on their “must read” email list. They look forward to it, and find it a great way to keep up with Kentucky politics, in the same way that The Skim is a good way to keep up with national news.

So, if YOU are not currently subscribed to the Forward Five, and want to give it a try, just go to the Manage Your Email page and follow the instructions. (You can also modify the rest of your info and subscriptions there too.) You can always go back to the same page and unsubscribe, if you decide it’s not for you.

And if you DO like it, you can share it with others and let them know why you find it valuable. Which is the point of all we do – to provide value to our readers.

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New features on the ForwardKY site

We’ve added a bunch of new things to the site, but so that we don’t blow up your inbox, we’ll only list a few in each newsletter. This time, it’s some new shortcuts, and a new type of subscription.

The Read – Watch – Listen menus

While the front page of the web site is nice and all, sometimes you’re in a hurry and just want to scan the most recent posts to see what’s new. That is where the Read menu comes in. It lists everything posted on the site in chronological order, with headline and excerpt. You can check it quickly, jump right into a post by clicking the headline, and go back to the Read list when you’re done.

The Watch and Listen menus are subsets of contents, listing our video posts and our podcasts. Again, they’re in chronological order, so you can quickly see if you’ve missed anything in those two categories.

Hope you find these useful!

New gift subscriptions available

Looking for a gift for the political junkies in your life? Get them a gift subscription to Forward Kentucky!

We’ve added an option where you can purchase a one-year subscription for someone else, at the same price points as our regular subscriptions. The Basic is $33, the Supporter is $66, and the Sustainer is $99. All three subscriptions give the giftee access to all our content for a year, with the higher levels having less ads and larger discounts. All of the gift memberships are good for one year only; after that, the recipient will have to start their own subscription.

To purchase, just go to the Gift Subscription page and follow the instructions. Once you complete your purchase, the site will generate a redemption code, which you can keep and share yourself, OR have the site send it to the recipient on the day you choose, with your own message inside! Those political junkies will thank you for it!

Click here to purchase a ForwardKY gift subscription.

New features described in our last newsletter (read it here)

  • Secure communications tools for whistle-blowers and tipsters
  • Secure contact form

More new features in the next Newsletter!

Top stories for past two weeks (or so)

If you get the Forward Five or the Weekly Wrap and open them and read them, you probably don’t need this section. If you don’t, this will help you know what everyone else is reading or viewing on the site, and by scanning it, you might find something valuable that you missed.

COVID in Appalachia: Misinformation is killing people – An NBC reporter interviewed frontline workers in hospitals in Appalachia about treating COVID patients in their area. Bottom line: Misinformation is resulting in unnecessary illness and death.

He’s grateful for the governor … and we are too. – Kirk Gillenwaters is counting Andy Beshear among his blessings this Thanksgiving. “Hundreds of Kentuckians are alive today because of the actions the governor has taken to fight COVID-19.”

A national sense of shared sacrifice — then and now – In WW2, Americans were asked to make collective sacrifices for the greater good … and they did. But today, we selfishly flout individualism at the expense of the greater good. Even simple masking and social-distancing guidelines have been met with disdain. What happened to the descendants of the Greatest Generation?

Trump 2024 – We’re all exhausted from four years of racism, bigotry, misogyny, incoherence, incompetence, and proto-fascism. But Donald Trump ain’t going away; he’ll be campaigning from now until 2024 simply because he literally can’t afford not to.

Selfish churches, selfish Christians – I told a friend of mine about the churches that were ignoring the governor and having in-person services. She said with a snort, “Way to hang together and take care of your fellow human beings. Really showing the love of Jesus to others, aren’t they?” I’d say she nailed it – except for needing stronger language.

Besieged in his bunker – Holed up in his quarters and protected by armed guards, the leader refuses to admit inevitable defeat. He inhabits a bizarre fantasy world, his mood swinging wildly between cold fury and deep despondency. Lickspittles rush to soothe the leader. The toadies coo their undying loyalty. They assure him that despite the seemingly insurmountable odds against him, he will persevere.

The “Political Correctness” con – NO ONE is more politically correct than the folks who complain about political correctness.

Quit whining about Kentucky’s newest COVID-19 restrictions. Get on board. – On Wednesday, we had 359 Kentuckians in the intensive care unit and 176 people on ventilators. And now, you’re going to whine about these new measures Gov. Beshear announced because whining is what you do best?

A record number of women will serve in the 117th Congress, including at least 51 women of color – In 2018, the nation elected 127 women – and 48 women of color – to the House and Senate. Next Jan. 3, at least 141 women, including 51 women of color, will be sworn in, with eight races involving women yet to be called.

Charges against Rep. Scott and others dropped; new KDP chair issues statement – State Rep. Attica Scott, her daughter Ashanti, Shameka Parrish-Wright, and 14 others went to court today on two misdemeanors each, only to learn that all charges had been dropped by County Attorney Mike O’Connell.
 Candidate Owensby sued, files counter-suit – Dr. Alexandra Owensby, Democratic candidate for KY-06, has been sued for defamation, and has filed a counter-suit over the same issue.

QAnon — a recycled conspiracy theory spreading through the GOP – According to QAanon, a secret cabal of powerful “Deep State” Democrats are kidnapping kids and using their blood for satanic rituals. “It’s warmed-over anti-Semitism,” according to Murray State University historian David Pizzo.

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