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It’s Monday, and whether it was the impetus of the official fall of Michigan to our crafty Democratic clutches, or the view and sound of the inaugural stage being constructed outside his front door, Trump finally wrote a cranky tweet to his soon-to-be-unemployed GSA administrator, Emily Murphy, allowing her to toss over the keys to the kingdom. (

But that’s not going to help us right now. Unless there is a mass visitation of the ghosts of “Christmas-Future” to GOP senators soon, the holidays will ring in the loss of unemployment benefits, student loan extensions and eviction protections. While our billionaire class is reaping profits at record rates, regular Americans, citizens of the wealthiest country on earth, are facing food insecurity, unpaid bills, and steadily increasing poverty levels while the pandemic tears through us like a hurricane. (

Since we don’t know how the Trump version of Dicken’s Christmas story will end, we have used today’s post to list places where people in Ventura County can get aid or give it, in the form of donations, or in their time and labor. People need to eat now, and kids need some joy. If we’ve missed a great resource, please email us at with “RESOURCE” in the subject line.(

We’re adding all this on top of the political work we need to do, as the struggle for the soul of the Senate continues in Georgia. We’ve updated our phonebanking information here ( and our postcard/letter campaign information here. (

Please consider using some of the money you would have used to travel this holiday week, or for your normal large Thanksgiving dinner, as a donation to Stacey Abram’s Fair Fight organization or others. Information on where to donate here. (

Ventura County is filled with amazing people. When our local hospitals needed PPE at the beginning of this pandemic, our volunteer response was so huge, we made the New York Times. ( and (

We punch above our weight and we will continue to do so.

Indivisible Ventura

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