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Hi everyone!

It’s Monday, and we start the work again.

One thing we’ve learned from our four years under Trump, is that democracy has to be watched all the time, as it easily veers off the rails when pushed by fear or hate.

So tomorrow, please participate in the TRUTH Act hearing that will take place at 4:00 pm at the Board of Supervisors virtual meeting. This legislation, which was signed by Gov. Brown and begun in 2017, requires local legislative bodies to hold community forums annually if local law enforcement allows ICE access to any individual.

What else does it require? The TRUTH Act brings transparency to local jail entanglement with immigration enforcement: – It provides “Know Your Rights” to Every Individual.- It ensures Fair Notice to Every Individual.- It shines a Light and Increases Transparency Around Local Engagement with ICE. Read more about it here. and get instructions on how to participate here (

Now, for Georgia!

All the options discussed below are listed here: (

Postcard Option #1: We’ve reached our maximum capacity on postcards! Over 17,500! However, we have details on how postcard writers can get cards and address directly here.
Postcard Option #2: Flip the West.
Postcard Option #3: New Georgia Project Cards to unregistered voters.

Letters Option #1: Vote Forward –
Letters Option #2: Swing Left Greater Boston.

Phonebanking: You can also sign up with Flip the West’s phonebanks here, which are Sun-Thurs until Jan. 5! Training included.

Phonebanking/Donations: We have a lot of other ways to support the Georgia runoff election, including phonebanks, and donations to candidates’ campaigns, Stacey Abram’s organization Fair Fight, the ACLU, NAACP, Galeo, The New Georgia Project, Black Lives Matter, of course, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atalnta. Go here to see the list and their links. All listed on our site under the “Fair Fight” logo. (

Now for CA:  It’s Ballot Cure Canvass and phonebank time to help Christy Smith (now door-knocking too!), Shift and contact information for volunteering in our post. (

Talk to Tim: Infowars, whose podcasts were banned by Apple, is now a regular on Parler, an barely-moderated app that Apple offers, along with the usual suspects of the far-right. The platform’s popularity is increasing exponentially as Twitter and Facebook have gotten more serious about moderating hateful and false posts. It didn’t sit well with us that the maker of our beloved Ipads is enabling political extremism, even one step removed. So we wrote Tim Cook an email and you can too. (

We expect more of lawyers: After you’ve given Tim Cook of Apple a piece of your mind, save a bit to write to the lawyers behind these nuisance election lawsuits. (

Join other resistance workers in a call to our own representatives in Congress to call a hearing with Trump-appointee GSA Administrator Emily Murphy. Biden needs to start getting security briefings now, especially since Trump is mowing a line through military and intelligence personnel who don’t play nice with him. ( )
Check out upcoming events here and keep your resistance calendar updated. Sometimes we’re late getting this notice out, so get ahead of us here.

If we’ve missed an event, please email us at


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