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Good morning! Sorry about yesterday’s abbreviated Forward Five. Our hosting company moved us to a new platform, and there was a glitch that took the site down. Fortunately, they fixed it pretty quickly and we were back up a little later.

Some notes to share:

  • We don’t cover national news a lot; there are plenty of outlets that do that. I would encourage you to find a national outlet you trust (Washington Post, NY Times, etc.) and follow the news closely. The ongoing transition stand-off, the firings at the Defense Department, not sharing security briefings with the Biden team – all of these are concerning. Stay engaged.
  • I encourage you to read Teri Kanefield’s column about the Dem big tent, and why it will be messy. Kanefield is one of my favorite analysts, and I think she nails this.
  • Also, since I couldn’t include the “latest content” section yesterday, there are a bunch of new stories on the site listed below. Be sure to scan them to see what you might have missed. They’re all good (of course! 😉).
  • There may not be a Forward Five tomorrow, as I am doing some in-depth analysis of where Forward Kentucky stands and what the future looks like. There WILL, however, be an all-subscriber newsletter over the weekend; please be sure you read it, as it will contain some important updates.
  • And finally, if you are in one of the areas of the state where people don’t seem to wear masks, please do whatever you can to get those around you to do so. We need to slow this virus down.

All for now. Stay safe, and stay engaged.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

11/11 update — Record cases, record positivity rate, climbing hospitalizations

All of the key metrics used by the state to determine how it’s doing when it comes to the virus are bad, prompting the governor to warn in a news release that Kentuckians must take the pandemic more seriously. (Forward Kentucky)

So-called “Patriots” putting up a Front in Kentucky

One of the symbols used by Patriot Front

Have you seen this symbol, or ones like it? Do you know what it means, and who it represents? Stephanie Compton gives us an overview of Patriot Front activities right here in our state. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: They are racist; some of them have guns. Inside the white supremacist group hiding in plain sight.

ProPublica spent several months examining the makeup and operations of Patriot Front, which records suggest numbers about 300 members, including some in Kentucky. (Forward Kentucky)

Less than 0.4% of Kentucky absentee ballots were rejected this election. Here’s why

Far fewer Kentucky absentee ballots were rejected in the 2020 general election than in the primary.

For the general election, of the more than 626,000 absentee ballots received by county clerks, fewer than 2,500, or less than 0.4%, were rejected due to voter error. To put that in context, more than 15,000 absentee ballots were rejected in the primary between Kentucky’s two most populous counties, Jefferson and Fayette.

In an interview with The Courier Journal on Wednesday, Kentucky State Board of Elections Executive Director Jared Dearing said the reduction in absentee ballot rejections came down to several factors, including increased voter education and more time to refine the process. (Courier-Journal)

Kentucky restaurants offer free food if you turn in your MAGA hats and Trump apparel

Owners of two Louisville restaurants extended an “olive branch” to supporters of President Donald Trump following Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. If you have Trump merchandise you’d like to get rid of, Six Forks Burger Company and Pollo – A Gourmet Chicken Joint will take it. And you’ll get free food! (Herald-Leader)

State Budget Director: October General Fund receipts in Kentucky rise 3.0 percent in past year

State Budget Director John Hicks reported Tuesday that October’s General Fund receipts rose 3.0 percent, or $27.7 million, over last year’s total. Almost half of the increase was due to early payments of tangible property tax. (KY Forward)

And a bonus story

Berry Craig celebrates publication of newest book

Forward Kentucky contributor Berry Craig has just published his latest book, Kentuckians and Pearl Harbor: Stories from the Day of Infamy. It was published by the University Press of Kentucky, and is available now. (Forward Kentucky)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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*indicates high # of reads, social media shares, or both

[new] On this troubled Veterans Day – On this day when we remember the sacrifice of so many to ensure the survival of our democracy, do we need to worry about our current military helping to destroy it? Mike Broihier answers that question. (Commentary)

[new] Dems, please remember — Big tents get messy. – The GOP challenge is that their party represents only a minority of Americans, and a minority of views. The Democratic challenge is the opposite: Dealing with a big, messy tent. (Commentary)

[new] *Former presidents recommend Trump use accumulated vacation time now – A bipartisan task force of former presidents has recommended that outgoing president Donald Trump be allowed to immediately use all of his accumulated vacation days and leave his position as early as this weekend. (Satire)

[new] 11/10 update — 4th highest day for virus cases; state issues Thanksgiving caution – Cases over 2,000 – a record for a Tuesday. Hospitalizations continue to climb. Guidance issued for Thanksgiving; if we celebrate Thanksgiving in the normal way, that’s a perfect environment for the virus to spread. (News)

[new] Let’s celebrate the Big, Bad Deep State – Once again, we have been saved by the “deep state” – all those anonymous, earnest, and unflappable career government “bureaucrats” who have kept the ship of state on keel, despite the unrelenting chaos at the top. Let’s pause and celebrate these people, who have been so viciously reviled for so long. (Commentary)

[new] *Let’s have some fun with the Great Obstructionist, Mitch McConnell – Mitch McConnell has vowed to block Biden’s selections for Senate-approved positions, from the cabinet on down. So, the Great Obstructionist will is at it again. Is there anything President Biden can do to deal with McConnell’s intransigence? (Commentary)

[new] Some final election dates to keep in mind – Harriette Seiler with the League of Women Voters of Kentucky shared this list of election dates still to come, and we’re sharing it with you. (News)

[new] Pardon Trump? Beau says NO. – Some are proposing that President Biden pardon Donald Trump for all the illegal acts that Trump has done during his term. Beau of the Fifth Column has some thoughts on that idea. (Video)

[new] Reaching out to Trump voters – Everywhere, it seems, we Dems are being encouraged to “reach out” to Trump voters – to remember that we need to unite, to reach across the aisle, and so on. While some of this advice is well-intentioned, and may even be possible, Jen Sorensen lays out what could happen instead. (Cartoon)

*Adams wants to make some voting changes permanent – Kentucky’s chief election officer says he will seek to have some of the changes in the voting process for the 2020 election made permanent during the 2021 General Assembly. (News)

*Kentucky exit poll gives Beshear slightly better grades than Trump on handling the pandemic – The poll gave Gov. Beshear a slightly better grade than President Trump for handling the pandemic and found sharply divided opinions about the pandemic between those who voted for Trump or Joe Biden. (News)

*No more, no more, no more. Finally, we are rid of our Sawdust Caesar. – Nearly 78 million (and counting) of us have said NO MORE to Donald Trump’s politics of hate, fear and division. No more to his grievance politics. No more to demagoguery. No more to racism, sexism, misogyny, nativism, xenophobia, homophobia, and religious bigotry. No more to Trumpian boorishness and buffoonery. No more to his fawning over murderous dictators and dissing our democratic allies. No more to making us the laughingstock of the world. (Commentary)

*This week on The State of Kentucky: “What now, Kentucky Dems?” – Election 2020 was not a good cycle for Kentucky Democrats, to say the least. On this week’s The State of Kentucky, we talk with Robert Kahne, Representative Joni Jenkins, and Senator Morgan McGarvey about WHY this happened, and what Dems in Kentucky need to do going forward, both for elections and for the General Assembly. (Note: Senator McGarvey had a last-minute conflict, so he was not able to join us.) (Video and Podcast)

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