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It’s Wednesday, Veteran’s Day, which our president is celebrating by removing those in the Pentagon who thwarted his worst instincts, and replacing them with toadies and lickspittles unqualified to pass any approval process on their own. We look forward to their brisk removal under the new administration.

Meanwhile, we’ve updated the post on writing to the lawyers behind the what seems to be endless election lawsuits. Our original link to their emails seems to have disappeared, so we’ve connected to links from the actual companies, where email addresses are easily found. Not only do these lawsuits erode people’s trust in our elections, but those who can’t discern between nuisance suits and “stealing elections” are escalating their online hostilities, as time stretches on without a decent concession speech from Trump. If this deliberately fomented violence crosses over into real life, we hold the GOP responsible.

For those who’ve tried to connect for postcards to Georgia, that link has finally been straightened out as well. Thanks for your patience. The correct email address is’s also a new section for those who want to send Vote Forward letters as well.

We have a lot of other ways to support the Georgia runoff election, including phonebanks, and donations to candidates’ campaigns, Stacey Abram’s organization Fair Fight, the ACLU, NAACP, Galeo, The New Georgia Project, Black Lives Matter, of course, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atalnta. Go here to see the list and their links.

Learn about ballot curing and pick up phonebank shifts to help save people’s votes. GA and AZ are done now, but there are still efforts in battleground states. We also have some battles closer to home, with phonebank shifts available to help Christy Smith (now door-knocking too!), Tj Cox, Harley Rouda and Gil Cisneros (Also with door-knocking shifts). Shift and contact information for volunteering in our post.

5:30-7:30 this evening, there’s an online webinar conducted by Loretta Ross entitled “Calling in the Call Out Culture.” The lecture can be viewed at ““How can someone be held accountable for an insensitive or racist remark in a way that does not alienate? Does “calling-out,” or public shaming, advance social justice ideas and lay the groundwork for important discussions, or does it simply stir the cauldron of toxic conversation?” This promises to be an interesting conversation!

Check out upcoming events here and keep your resistance calendar updated. Sometimes we’re late getting this notice out, so get ahead of us here.

If we’ve missed an event, please email us at (

If you’ve created a funny election-related rhyme, poem, haiku, or limerick, share! We love that stuff. Although today, one of the sharpest jabs comes from a URL. Look up (

Creativity aside, this is not the time to relax on our election efforts. Watch Stacey Abrams’ interview at the top with Stephen Colbert. We just got to try to keep up with her. (Also, we had no idea she ever slept.)

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