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Good morning! Do you know this word?


It’s a German word meaning “enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.” Supposedly, it is more common in children than in adults, as adults have learned empathy and a sense of shared humanity.

But sometimes, it is related to “karma,” or as some would say, “he got what was coming to him.”

And this morning, I am definitely feeling some schadenfreude.

As we know, Arizona was the first swing state called for Joe Biden. (By Fox News, no less!) It was the first state to flip from its 2016 result.

And overnight, votes came in from one county in Georgia that put Biden past Trump in that state. From Clayton County, to be specific.

Here’s the reason for my schadenfreude: Arizona is the home state of John McCain, who was attacked regularly by Trump. (“I like veterans who aren’t captured.”)

And Clayton County is the district that John Lewis represented for decades.

So if John McCain’s state and John Lewis’s district are where the votes come from to put Biden in front, that is just too karmic for words.

I hope it holds. I hope we can get through the next few months with as little drama and destruction as possible. I hope we get to see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn in on January 20.

But for right now, this morning? As we might say in the South, I got the schadenfreude, for real.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Biden takes lead in battleground states

As vote counting continues in a number of states, Democrat Joe Biden has either taken a lead overnight (Georgia), or closed the gap with President Trump (Pennsylvania). As reported by Jake Tapper:

Good morning! While you were sleeping, Biden  took the lead in Georgia by +1,096 with about 10K ballots left to count. In PA, Trump still leads by +18,229 votes, with about 163k left to count, 50k of them in Philly.

The point to note about both of these states is that the remaining votes are expected to be heavily in favor of Biden. If he wins either state, it will take him past 270 electoral votes and make him the president-elect.

Biden already had the lead in Arizona and Nevada.

More vote tallies are expected today in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. It is possible that Biden will not only cross the 270 threshold, but exceed it substantially.

Biden has already received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history, and is winning the popular vote by over 4 million votes.

Ohio Valley lawmakers react to Trump’s false statements undermining the election

As the vote counts have continued, Trump has repeatedly taken to Twitter to make more false claims of fraud, leading the social media company to attach warnings to his tweeted messages. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: We fact-checked President Trump’s speech about the election. Here’s what we found.

President Trump spoke about the presidential election from the White House, making unfounded claims about race outcomes, ballots and early voting. (Courier-Journal)

11/5 update — New record for cases (2,318); other key metrics are bad too

In addition to a record number of cases, Beshear noted that every other metric used to measure the virus’s impact on Kentucky — deaths, positivity rate, hospitalizations, and red-zone counties — also took a turn for the worse. (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear rejects Senate leaders’ request for private meeting with health commissioner; Stivers criticizes governor’s approach

Gov. Andy Beshear and state Senate President Robert Stivers clashed Thursday over the governor’s handling of the novel-coronavirus pandemic and his relationship with the legislature. (Forward Kentucky)

Long voting line delayed Fayette election results Tuesday; 7,200 still left to count

The long line at the Tates Creek library branch voting location caused later reporting of countywide vote results from Fayette County than some are used to, and there are still about 7,200 ballots that need to be counted.

There were about 185 people in line to vote at Tates Creek by the time the line was closed to more people at 6 p.m., and the last people at the location didn’t finish voting until about 8 p.m. By law, anyone who was in line by the 6 p.m. close time was guaranteed the right to vote.

Of the additional approximately 7,200 ballots that are not yet reflected in Fayette County’s results, about 3,000 were delayed because of a scanner that died, Blevins said. The clerk’s office was waiting Wednesday for a court order to allow them to break the election machine seals to retrieve the ballots fed into the equipment and re-scan them on a new machine. (Herald-Leader)

Today on “The State of Kentucky”

Election 2020 was not a good cycle for Kentucky Democrats, to say the least. We talk with Robert Kahne, Joni Jenkins, and Morgan McGarvey about WHY this happened, and what Dems in Kentucky need to do going forward, both for elections and for the General Assembly. Join us at 1 PM today for our live show!

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11/4 update — Ky. is in the White House task force’s worst zone for coronavirus as cases keep going up – Being in the White House red zone for cases means the state has 101 or more new cases per 100,000 residents. Kentucky’s cases have been increasing for weeks. (News)

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Because grifters gotta grift – The reports all claimed that Trump would only take this unprecedented and unprincipled step if he were “ahead.” But that was always going to be a lie. Trump was always going to sue. Because grifters gotta grift. (Commentary)

Win or lose, Trumpism won’t fade gracefully away – Trumpism won’t fade out even if Joe Biden wins the presidency, warns historian David Pizzo. “Paramilitary violence, domestic terrorism, conspiracy theories – the Trump cult won’t die,” he said. “In fact, it may all increase.” (Commentary)

Video statement from Amy McGrath – After conceding the election to Mitch McConnell, Amy McGrath released a statement via a video on Twitter. Here it is. (Video)

Can we please not give up on the U.S. Senate yet? – We did not do as well in the Senate as many would have liked, that is true. But we need to recognize there is still a path. (Commentary)

Count every vote – We need to remember that it may take days — possibly even weeks — to officially call the winner. And that’s okay. Accessibility and accuracy are far more important in a free and fair election than immediate results. (Commentary)

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