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It’s Friday, the last day for residents of Georgia to “cure” any signature issues or other errors on their ballots.

Groups all over the country are asking for help to contact people, either in-person or by phone or text, to get their ballots straightened out to be legally countable. Yes, EVERY VOTE IS IMPORTANT!

This issue affects voters in AZ, GA, IA MI, NC, NV, PA and WI as our own CA voters.

There are phonebank requests for Christy Smith, TJ Cox and Harley Rouda.

For those willing to travel to Nevada, to build up their in-person volunteer bank, there’s assistance available for travel and housing.

ROADTRIP!!!Check out the post for all the sign-up

Reading for today: “We don’t have to live in Mitch McConnell’s World.” (

Why there was no Biden Landslide.” (

“We were wrong about America” (…/we-were-wrong-about-america/) Head’s up! Three out of four of the last states are “trending blue!”

Indivisible Ventura

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