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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! I have a true confession to make:

I am really, really tired.

I think it is the stress of the past six months, combined with the stress of waiting to see if we finally get Trump out of office. (Getting rid of Trumpism is an entirely different problem that will take much, much longer.)

I think it’s also the – well, I guess “grief” is as good a word as any – at the Dem losses across the state, as well as the knowledge that a large majority of voters in Kentucky looked at the disaster of the last four years and said “Give me more of that.”

I’m still processing all that has happened, and beginning to orient myself to what the future could look like, including the future for this work. All of that is going to take a while, I suspect. (On that note – we’ve got Robert Kahne, Joni Jenkins, and Morgan McGarvey on The State of Kentucky tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern to look back at the election and forward to “what do we do now.”)

So, if you too are feeling tired, and possibly sad, and even weary, just know you are not alone. It comes with the territory of caring, I think.

As to what to do about it? Physical activity is essential, for one thing. Taking a long walk, especially in nature, is probably good right now. Reading something non-political is also good. Listening to some music. And getting some rest. All things I am going to do.

Because the work is not over. Biden may have won (fingers crossed), but there is still much to do. And just like we regularly tell caregivers to take care of themselves as well — otherwise they will not be able to give care to others — we have to tell each other in the activist world to take time off to recharge.

Okay, this is already too long, and you have been gracious to read this far. So, join us if you can for tomorrow’s show on Facebook and YouTube. And take good care of yourself. I will do the same.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

11/4 update — Ky. is in the White House task force’s worst zone for coronavirus as cases keep going up

Being in the White House red zone for cases means the state has 101 or more new cases per 100,000 residents. Kentucky’s cases have been increasing for weeks. (Forward Kentucky)

KY House: Repubs flip 13 seats, Dems flip none

In a year where KY Dems hoped to flip some GOP seats in the Kentucky House while holding most or all of their own seats, the opposite happened. (Forward Kentucky)

Will some pandemic voting options stay? Ky. Secretary Of State vows to try

Kentucky’s Republican Secretary of State is proud of the bipartisan agreement he and the Democratic governor struck to ensure greater access to the polls through the COVID-19 pandemic — and he plans to push to make some of those changes permanent.

Michael Adams told WFPL Wednesday that he intends to propose voting legislation during the next legislative session and believes he can get fellow Republicans on board. (WFPL)

Self-described Christian conservative wins seat on Kentucky Supreme Court

In a race that could tilt the Kentucky Supreme Court to the right, Circuit Judge Robert Conley defeated state House member Chris Harris 54% to 46%.

The Daily Kos in July described Conley as an “arch-conservative” and predicted his win would make Kentucky’s high court more conservative. Republican legislative leaders held a fundraiser to support him.

He told Kentuckians for the Commonwealth in a campaign survey that “I believe that every life has value and every person matters” and that “my Christian, conservative values guide my life.” In a campaign ad, he touted his endorsement by the NRA and Kentucky Right to Life. (Courier-Journal)

Kentucky expects balanced FY 2021 budget

Federal coronavirus relief measures have helped shore up Kentucky’s budget for Fiscal Year 2021. Governor Andy Beshear announced on Wednesday afternoon that the state expects to balance the existing fiscal year budget without additional spending reductions in both the General Fund and the Road Fund. Kentucky had anticipated a potential cut of up to 8%. (KLC City Limit)

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[new] Because grifters gotta grift – The reports all claimed that Trump would only take this unprecedented and unprincipled step if he were “ahead.” But that was always going to be a lie. Trump was always going to sue. Because grifters gotta grift. (Commentary)

[new] Win or lose, Trumpism won’t fade gracefully away – Trumpism won’t fade out even if Joe Biden wins the presidency, warns historian David Pizzo. “Paramilitary violence, domestic terrorism, conspiracy theories – the Trump cult won’t die,” he said. “In fact, it may all increase.” (Commentary)

[new] Video statement from Amy McGrath – After conceding the election to Mitch McConnell, Amy McGrath released a statement via a video on Twitter. Here it is. (Video)

[new] Can we please not give up on the U.S. Senate yet? – We did not do as well in the Senate as many would have liked, that is true. But we need to recognize there is still a path. (Commentary)

[new] Count every vote – We need to remember that it may take days — possibly even weeks — to officially call the winner. And that’s okay. Accessibility and accuracy are far more important in a free and fair election than immediate results. (Commentary)

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