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Hi everyone!

It’s Saturday and everything is starting early today.

12:00 to 3:00: There’ a “Rally For Our Rights” event in Simi Valley at Tapo CAnyon and Alamo. Masks, social distancing required. There will also be voter information, volunteers to help drive people to vote in-person, healthcare information, resources for LGBTQ+ and undocumented residents, and information on Black Lives Matter actions. Lots of good stuff!

Featured Halloween phone banks!

12:00 – 3:00: Call-o-ween with Indivisible with comedian Abbi

12:00: Halloween Phone Bank for Biden/Harris with Moms Demand Action

12:00: Grassroot Democrats phonebank is featuring the cast of “Orange is the New Black.”

More phonebanking and textbanking opportunities here on our main page: and here:

Other things to do:

THANK POLL WORKERS!: During this pandemic season, the non-partisan League of Women Voters of Ventura County is working with interested individuals and community groups to thank those on the front lines of our election – our poll workers. The League has created a signup sheet ( to coordinate deliveries of snacks and meals to our county’s 48 in-person voting locations. It’s just (1) one delivery to a nearby location – pick any one of the four days between Sat. and Tuesday, whichever is the most convenient to you. You can also arrange to have food delivered by others (like pizza) or donate $20 to the League for food costs. Please check out all information here: WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS FOR OXNARD AND SIMI VALLEY POLLING STATIONS! And just one person/group for Port Hueneme’s only polling station.

VOTE: If you haven’t voted yet – here’s our voting guide to assist.– Be sure to use a REAL ballot drop box now, as who knows what’s going on with the mail. Find your most convenient ballot box location here:– If you were busy, or underage during regular voter registration time, no worries! YOU CAN STILL REGISTER AND VOTE IN THIS ELECTION! YAY!- You just have to do it “live”, at one of these really convenient IN-PERSON Voter locations, starting this Saturday. They’re open every day through Nov. 3rd. (

HELP OTHERS VOTE: We’ve published our Friends and Family Voting toolkit.…/friends-and-family…/ Beyond phone banking, and textbanking and rallies, and marches, this toolkit, directs your attention to people who could use your insight, energy and kindness, closer to home – your friends and family. Don’t leave them behind. Those most disaffected by politics, are often the same people who’ll be the most negatively affected by their voices going unheard at the ballot box.

HELP WITH THE POLL TAPE PROJECT: Huh? What the heck is that? That, friends, is how elections REALLY get stolen. getting a friend/family member to volunteer is an important action.

SHARE INFORMATION ON THE ELECTION: People are getting frightened about the possibility of election-stealing and violence at polling places. These reports may have the side effect of preventing people from exercising their right to vote. Share some insight from a guest writer here.

SIGN UP WITH THE NAACP: They have options to text your neighbors, online phone banking, protecting people at the polls, no-contact canvassing. Sign up here.

Keep your calendars marked with “Events happening tomorrow” “Events happening soon”
There is an anonymous quote “If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.”Go out and make some noise!

Indivisible Ventura

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