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Five Things to Know Today

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Good morning! It’s the last weekend before the election, and your last chance to volunteer (or get paid!) to make a difference in this election.

I volunteered a long time ago to be a poll worker, but never heard back. My understanding is that they had so many people volunteer (excellent!) that they didn’t need old hack writers like myself. 🙂

So, I have volunteered to be a poll monitor on Election Day. I’ll be checking out certain polling locations, making sure things are running smoothly and looking for any voter intimidation or illegal electioneering.

Poll monitors are still needed across the state, and it’s easy to sign up. Just go to and fill out the form.

There are many other volunteer opportunities left, both partisan (help you favorite candidate!) and non-partisan, like being a poll monitor. And, there are actually some paid positions for being a “poll reporter.”

All of these are listed on our site at Volunteer and paid positions for the election. Go check it out, and see how you can make a difference in these final days.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

10/29 update — ‘A frightening time’: 68 counties in red, 3 highest days this week, record hospitalizations

With more than half of Kentucky’s counties in the most dangerous zone for new coronavirus cases and the state having three of its top days for new cases this week, Gov. Andy Beshear called it a “frightening time.” (Forward Kentucky)

Judge dismisses Fish and Wildlife lawsuit against Beshear to keep its commissioner

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate dismissed a lawsuit Wednesday filed by the state Fish and Wildlife Commission that attempts to keep the Beshear Administration from firing Rich Storm as its commissioner.

In an 18-page ruling, Wingate said the commission has the authority to select its commissioner but it cannot circumvent state laws governing purchasing known as the Kentucky Model Procurement Act. (Herald-Leader)

Bill proposed to help victims of domestic violence

Allowing victims of domestic violence and similar abuse to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits is the goal of legislation being proposed for the 2021 General Assembly. (Forward Kentucky)

Company trying to build Kentucky aluminum mill in talks to sell key asset cheap

The move comes as Braidy Industries faces a year-end deadline to show significant progress on the effort to build the $1.7 billion mill near Ashland. Braidy, which recently changed its name to Unity Aluminum, is in talks to sell Veloxint, a maker of metal alloys, according to information provided to investors.

Unity bought Veloxint in March 2018 for about $26 million in stock and has since spent $21 million to cover operating losses as Veloxint worked to get to a point where it could sell its products, according to a recent message to shareholders. Now trying to conserve cash, Unity has an offer to sell Massachusetts-based Veloxint for $1 million to Clearbrook Global, a financial advisory firm in New York. (Herald-Leader)

QAnon is becoming a Republican dog whistle

QAnon may be losing some of its online platforms—but the conspiracy theory is increasingly being enabled by the Republican Party.

QAnon, which began in 2017 with an anonymous post on the Internet forum 4Chan by someone identifying themselves as “Q” and claiming to have a high-level government security clearance, revolves around the delusion that Democratic Party operatives, Hollywood stars, and members of the “deep state” are running a satanic child trafficking ring, and that President Trump is working to stop them.

But QAnon has already morphed from an online community of amateur detectives to a budding political movement, encompassing a mess of other conspiracist beliefs. Interest in QAnon has ballooned since the beginning of the pandemic and related economic shutdowns, when suddenly many people had nowhere to go but the Internet. According to a Pew survey, the number of Americans who had heard or read “a lot or a little” about QAnon doubled from 23 percent to 47 percent; 41 percent of Republicans who had heard about QAnon said they thought it was “somewhat” or “very good” for the country. According to another recent poll, a majority of Republicans believe the conspiracy theory about “deep state elites” is at least partly true. (The Nation)

TODAY on “The State of Kentucky”

The election wraps up in a few days, with some expected winners and some upsets. Which seats will flip? What will be the biggest surprise? Join us today at noon as we break down the election with Trent Garrison, and see if you agree with our predictions!

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Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here. All times Eastern unless otherwise noted.

Saturday (10/31)


3:00 pm – 4:30 pm – In-person Action in Lexington – Info

Sunday (11/1)


2:00 pm – In-person Campaigning in Louisville – Info


8:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Online Forum – Info

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] Dr. Trumplican’s monster – Aaron Smith drew this 4 1/2 years ago, in March 2016. We’re reposting it this Halloween weekend, and marveling at how prescient Aaron was. (Cartoon)

[new] Massie is wrong about COVID … and wrong for Kentucky – Northern Kentucky, we DO have a choice in this election: Alexandra Owensby, an intelligent, moderate woman for this culturally divided moment. (Commentary)

[new] Dump Trump, Ditch Mitch — and don’t fall for the GOP social-issues sucker play – Trump, McConnell and the rest of GOP union-busting crowd are again trolling for union votes with the same old social-issues sucker bait. Their idea is to dupe working-class voters by hiding the GOP’s real agenda: making rich people like themselves richer and wiping out unions. (Commentary)

Breonna Taylor grand jurors say prosecutors dismissed their questions – Two anonymous grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor investigation say prosecutors denied them evidence they requested, dismissed their questions, created confusion, and declined requests to look into additional charges during the proceedings. (News)

*Let’s analyze the races in the Kentucky House – Even though most of the attention is on the presidential race, there are important races for Kentucky’s legislature. Trent Garrison does an analysis of this year’s races, and which ones could flip. (Analysis)

Trust me – the Show will go on – Looks like Donald Trump may well become a reality-TV star once again. Let’s just call this show “The People v. Donald J. Trump: American Crime Story.” (Commentary)

Hank Linderman taking on Guthrie, on the road and on the screen – Nick Lacy caught up with Hank Linderman at a GOTV event, then visited him in his home to check out his online work and his home studio. Learn more about Hank here, including his Contract with Rural America. And check out that studio! (Photos)

*Let’s talk about Mitch McConnell’s great fiction … – Dear Kentucky Republicans – Do you believe that McConnell and the Republicans care about the Constitution? Do you believe that McConnell and the Republicans care about you? Then watch this. (Video)

When it comes to voting — Know the rules. Know your rights. – Secretary of State Adams today announced guidance to protect voters from intimidation at the polls. “Voting is your sacred right. Don’t let anyone take it away – know your rights,” Adams said. (News)

*Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” ignores the role of Big Business in Appalachian poverty – His explanation oversimplifies a long history of struggle, labor exploitation, and environmental destruction. Cast aside Vance’s apologia on behalf of big industry, and the real work can begin. (Commentary)

*What’s on the line if SCOTUS overturns Obamacare? Only the livelihoods and lives of Kentuckians – If the Supreme Court, likely including Amy Coney Barrett, rules in favor of dismantling the ACA, the imminent threats to millions of Kentuckians’ well-being and quality of life are clear. (Policy)

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