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Working for a landslide AND Preparing to protect the results of the election.
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Hello Indivisibles,

We are heartened by the almost one hundred people who took time to join us on Monday evening to begin preparing to protect the results of the election. It is clear that you value the integrity of our democracy, and we are glad to see you ready to take action to defend it.

Indivisible Yolo is following the lead of the national Protect the Results coalition of more than 100 organizations that are planning and coordinating nation-wide responses to any coup attempt. We will peacefully but firmly demand that every vote be counted, the results be honored, and power be transferred peacefully. We will celebrate and show appreciation for our local election workers. We will call any attempt to stop counting votes or reject the results a coup. We will show up in ways big and small until the results are clear and have been accepted.

Coups are stopped when people rise as one to assert their shared values – democracy, the integrity of our elections, a commitment to non-violence. These are values every American, whether they regard themselves as political or not, can call their own. While we have worked tirelessly to oppose Trump, the effort to protect the results is not about opposing Trump’s reelection. It is about supporting and defending our democracy and that requires regular people, not just activists, to stand up. 

We are just one of many organizations standing up in Yolo County. (Read Davis Area Interfaith Religious Leaders Network’s powerful statement here), and we look forward to standing with a broad Yolo County coalition, from PTAs and sports teams to book clubs and civic organizations, in defense of our democracy.

Election night is just the beginning of the vote counting in Yolo County. We have faith in our local elections office and  plan to support our local elections workers as we await the results of their important work. 

While we are comfortable our votes will be counted here in Yolo County, we cannot be bystanders in the fight to ensure every vote is counted elsewhere in the country.  Folks doing the difficult and potentially dangerous work of standing up for democracy in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina, to name a few, need our support, and we stand iIndivisible with those communities.

Indivisible Yolo is coordinating with a Sacramento region coalition for events in Sacramento and is planning activities in Woodland and Davis.  We are prepared to respond on November 4th if the national Protect The Results coalition calls on us to mobilize. Events are planned for Nov. 4th in WoodlandDavis and Sacramento. If you sign up for one of these events, you will be notified of relevant details as planning progresses and events unfold on election day and beyond. 

We invite each of you to prepare yourself to defend our democracy and to choose at least one action below to get started.   

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Yolo Team

Simple things you can do right now to prepare:

  1. Make signs for you or others to use: Choose Democracy, Count Every Vote, Protect The Results, Join Us, I (heart) Democracy
  2. Write a letter to the editor, our website has instructions to submit to local papers
  3. Forward this email to friends 
  4. Join Call-a-palooza for part of our 45 hour calling spree this weekend – the most effective work we can do to deter a coup
  5. Get text alerts from Indivisible Yolo about Protect the Results events: Text PTRYolo to 66866 (not necessary if you already get texts from us)
  6. Sign up here for an in person event on November 4th.
  7. Sign up here to support from home or make signs.

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