Trumproast2020 Uses The Power Of Social Media And Comedy To Burn Trump In Final Days Of Election

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The World Laughs as Campaign Fights Trump’s “Campaign of Lies and Hate” with Satire  and Fundraising.

 Billed as “The World’s First (and hopefully last)  Presidential Roast, #trumproast2020 is a social media campaign calling for people around  the world to tag and share their favorite Trump jokes, memes and satire. Visitors to can see top “roasts,” join a “live” Trump Boycott, share curated  roasts on social media and donate directly to the Biden/Harris campaign.  

According to its creators, #trumproast2020 gives the growing majority of Americans  outraged by Trump and his failed presidency an effective and entertaining way to get the  last laugh.  

 “Our goal is to drown out Trump’s ongoing campaign of lies and hate with a campaign of  comedy,” says Ed Peselman, whose non-profit start up Boycott Engine is behind “We want to make sure the true majority of Americans are heard  ahead of the election and #trumproast2020 speaks volumes about how Trump is perceived  by society.”  

“We wanted #trumproast2020 to be fun, live and viral – like a Trump “Superspreader’ event  but without spitting in the face of science and social responsibility,” added Peselman,  “Plus, it’s the perfect time suck for when you’re waiting in line for hours to vote.”  

People can “roast” Trump by tagging and sharing Trump jokes and memes to call attention  to the campaign and visit where they can scroll through hilarious  trending roasts. The website also lets people sign up for the Trump Boycott and activate an  election day reminder to NOT vote for Trump. broadcasts the number of boycotters and roasters (people who have  tagged/shared #trumproast2020) as they grow, to demonstrate real-time impact. Visitors  can also share curated content through AI-enhanced posts designed to amplify the reach  and engagement of the #trumproast2020 campaign. Donations can be made directly to the  Biden/Harris campaign as well as to DemCast, a grass roots media organization helping to  promote the campaign.  

The increasing number of Americans engaged politically through social media and the  growing amount of disinformation by foreign entities and the President himself is the  driving force behind the campaign. Expected to last through the election, #trumproast2020  will ramp up engagement efforts leading up to November 3rd and partner with celebs and  brands to increase participation.  

 “After four years of unprecedented Presidential greed and corruption on the part of Trump  and his enablers, it’s clear that millions of Americans want #trumproast2020. They need  #trumproast2020,” says Peselman. 


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