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It’s Monday and just a quick note on the voter guide updates from over the weekend. New endorsements are in from the great thinkers at both Indivisible San Francisco and Indivisible Santa Barbara, as well as our own Democratic Socialists of America – Ventura County. Bewildered by a discordant endorsement against Prop. 15, we discovered an issue with the credibility of an earlier endorser, which makes us sad. We’ve also noted, from patiently placing our colored pebbles in our “YES”/”NO” grids, that there is a serious conflict of progressive opinions on Prop. 25. This one is tough.

(Indivisible Ventura voting guide here:
Post link here:

Today’s activities include calling or emailing our state legislators to put Indigenous Peoples’ Day back on the legislative docket. Gov. Newsom has done what he can with proclamations to make up for a stalled bill, one for 2019 and a new one today. If we can remove solid statues of Columbus, surely, we should be able to haul off words as well.

One day action: People from all over the country are working together to form a Texas-sized phone bank to reach over a million Texans IN ONE DAY because flipping the Texas Legislature and winning Texas’ electoral votes for the first time in decades is within reach. This may seem awfully ambitious for the first day of the week, but if the amazing people of Ventura County join in to help, we put nothing past them. Find a shift that works for you and have fun.

Tonight, our Ventura County League of Women Voters is presenting a forum between the two candidates for the office of Oxnard City Treasurer from 6:00 – 7:00. candidates for Assembly District 38 (Simi Valley) will go from 7:30 – 8:30

Our previously planned action was derailed by the lure of some weekend shenanigans in southern CA by our state GOP. They’ve been seeding places like churches and gun stores with fake ballot drop boxes – brazenly asserting that the laws allowing “ballot harvesting” make everything OK. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. In fact, they’re actually violating not one, but TWO state laws, like an evil Reese’s peanut butter cup (Yes, Halloween must be getting close, thinking in candy analogies). Anyway, keep an eye out. One crept into Simi Valley, but was quickly reported by vigilant citizens and has already been removed.

If you can’t help Texas today, find another phone bank this week and help. Something is happening every single day. Reaching out to others and asking them to vote, with phone/textbanking, is the most powerful action you can take and for the first time, voter contact DOESN’T involve walking around in high heat, climbing stairs, and hoping that the dog is barking at you because it’s friendly.
Head up. Be jubilant. Be joyful. We are one Monday closer to an infinitely better future. All it needs is for us to put in the work.

Indivisible Ventura

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