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Zoom Event This Evening (Monday, 10/5 6pm)

Speaker change! Any Keith of LWV Voter Services and Election Protection will be our Guest!

RSVP for zoom link:

Presentation and Q and A, October 5, 2020, 6pm

Facebook Event Link:

Join us for this Indivisible FL 13 event with guest speaker, Amy Keith, 2nd VP of the League of Woman Voters, St Petersburg Area. Amy is with Voter Services and one of the county leads in the nationwide Election Protection program. We are fortunate to have her as as our speaker.

Amy will discuss each amendment and answer your questions.

Our votes will determine which amendments will become part of the Florida constitution. Even if you are familiar with them, this is a chance to check your understanding and ask questions. Your mail in ballots should be received by the time of this event.

Make your vote an informed one that will count on important issues.

League Of Women Voters Voter Guide

The League Of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area has produced a helpful online voters guide with descriptions of the candidates and issues.

The guide can be found at:

Pinellas County Democratic Party Voter Recommendations

A Link to the Pinellas County Democratic Party voter recommendations is HERE.

Wave Signs, Phone Bank, Be a Poll Monitor, Help a Candidate!

Indivisible FL-13 had made a web page to let people know what actions are available that they can take part in including sign waving, phone banking and distributing literature via door hangers.  The web site is at (for 13th Congressional District). 

If you have an action that you want to get out there, contact Mike Thomas at with the information.

Vote Him Out

-An essay by Indivisible FL-13 Organizer Scott Brown

In the past six weeks, we’ve had an RNC Presidential nomination from the White House lawn where all manner of maskless Republican VIP’s were crammed together. There was a similar Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS nomination garden party this week where GOP-VIP’s were tested before being released into a Republican scrum of maskless back-slapping, hugging and ear whispering. There was the debate on Tuesday where the Trump clan clomped in at the last minute sans tests, sans masks. When they were personally offered masks by Cleveland Clinic doctors they demurred.

Now Donald has it. Melania has it. Kelly Anne has it. Campaign Manager Bill Stepien has it. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has it. Paleoconservative Senators Tillis and Lee have it. The President of Notre Dame has it. Hope Hicks, job ?, has it. This isn’t going to be the end of the elite Republican outbreak. Trump knew Hope Hicks was sick when he did a fundraiser in someone’s home after the debate. Who knows where the rest of these Republican knuckleheads have been since they became virus spreaders? Does anyone think that the entire power structure of the  Republlican party is going into quarantine a month from the election? They’d rather die.

This is starting to resemble a Michael Chrichton novel. 

While Trump is charged with overseeing the nation’s response to the pandemic, he is spreading the contagion among the Republican power elite and donor class and setting an example that explains why America has the worst outbreak on earth. MAGA supporters say: Not Trump’s fault! China did it! 

No. Seriously. That is what they say. It’s China’s problem, not Donald’s. If you know a Trumper, ask them. That is what they will tell you. Or something along the lines of “he gets a mulligan for 2020.”

Trump is a bad President who is bad for America. 

Vote him out.

Indivisible FL-13 Contact Information:

Indivisible FL-13 is a member of the Indivisible Florida Network and the Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice.

👉Indivisible Florida Network

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👉Email Indivisible FL-13 at

Useful Tools:

Pinellas County Progressive Calendar

Resist Bot, fax your representatives via text message. Text RESIST to 50409

Fax your congressperson for free at

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Florida 13 Congressperson Phone Numbers:

Senator Marco Rubio (R):                DC (202)224-3041   Local (813)287-5035
Senator Rick Scott (R):                    DC (202) 224-5274 
Representative Charlie Crist (D):     DC (202) 225-5961  Local (888)205-5569

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