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It’s Thursday, and though we know Trump was trying to distract us from his NYTimes tax-exposé and his truly terrible COVID-19 performance (The Trump Death Clock is now at 123,919 – the # of people estimated to have died directly due to his inaction), his fascist dogwhistles also covering up some real fascism. (

Anyway, our country is still picking up the pieces from that ugly spectacle, so we posted a very helpful video from John Pavolovitz along with links to some great articles.

Watch/read them here in our post:

LWV Forum: Tonight at 6:30, there is a League of Women Voters Candidate forum with Thousand Oaks candidates for City Council.

Volunteer opportunities: We’ve spent some time updating our “What to do now” link: NEW: Volunteer opportunities to PROTECT ELECTIONS AND VOTER RIGHTS, and how to report voter intimidation or loss of voting rights. Phonebanking (NAACP, SURJ, Sister District, Flip the West, SwingLeft, Indivisible, CADEM) – there are several opportunities to do this TODAY! Textbanking (LOTS OF NEW RESOURCES FOR SENATE RACES!) Letter Writing! Postcards! along with other great things to do!:

Ugh. Chad: Please keep calling your senators on the possible confirmation of acting DHS secretary and low-key monster, Chad Wolf. Even better, if you are a Californian, go through your digital contact list and ask all the Red-staters on it to call theirs. McConnell will only bring him to the floor if no GOP senators are put at risk by it.

Updated Actions for Beonna, thanks to SURJ

No to Judge Amy: Also, If you haven’t done it yet, please write to Judge Amy Coney Barrett, as she is the only person now who can stop this trainwreck, and get the Senate focused on what it should be doing, which is passing COVID relief legislation to help the public survive this pandemic. We included both a sample postcard and letter, because, as our mothers always told us, “It never hurts to ask.”If you have friends in Red-states, please ask them to flood their senators offices with calls. We’ve also added some suggested questions to send on to your senators when they grill this woman.

Join our postcard campaign – Heading towards 20,000! We’ve finished 6000 Get-Out-The-Vote cards to Michigan, 4500 to Florida, and 5000 to Georgia. Now we’re helping the “Postcards to Swing States” get out 5000 cards more cards to Florida, Iowa and North Carolina. Wanna help? Email “I WANT POSTCARDS” to

Indivisible Ventura

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