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Hi everyone.

Well, that was a hard weekend. Thanks to everyone who came to stand with us in mourning for a great woman, at our vigil, or at any other. (We’ve posted a video of the speeches that took place at the vigil in front of the Supreme Court, as well as links to a statement from Black Lives Matter and an obituary from the ACLU)

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We also are mourning the loss of the last bit of American exceptionalism installed in us by our dry old history textbooks … the fiction that Americans are too strong and too wedded to the principles of democracy to ever let an authoritarian take root in our own soil. We were taught that we were essentially unlike the Russian people, whose “weak character” naturally led to strongman dictators. Now we have a president who is acting like a subjugated “agent of influence” for an ex-Kremlin Russian leader, and parts of our population who seem to have forgotten what democracy looks like.

But RBG had to trust that we would take care of things here so she could let go, and that’s what we have to do.

There’s another vigil in front of Simi Valley’s City Hall this evening, along with the beginning of a week of League of Women Voter forums, beginning with one for Camarillo City Council candidates.

We also put up a 5-action post here. We are mystified that GOP voters are so unaffected by the pandemic that they’d rather concentrate on faraway judges being confirmed than people suffering in their own communities.

We have a link to our postcard list to weasel-worded GOP senators regarding replacing RBG: Share with friends and family who live in GOP-controlled states and have them call their senators as well.

Lots of other actions … spread them out and visualize your voice being added to tens of thousands of others speaking out for the same action, the same justice, and the same rights.

Not everyone believes that those who’ve passed on can return to watch over us. But if there was such a possibility, we are sure that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has already argued for a place at the front. So let’s choose to act like she’s watching, let’s fight like she’s watching, and let’s make her proud.

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