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Hi everyone.

Today is Thursday and we’ve tucked three actions into the monster post stuck to the top. Go here to start:

Here is a synopsis of the actions:

Action #1: Ask all levels of government to pass an act or a declaration that racism is a public health crisis. NPR just ran a story that of 121 children who’ve died of COVID-19, 78% were children of color. 78%. WTH? Rep. Pressley and Sen. Warren have introduced the “Anti-racism in Public Health Act” which affects both federal health policies as well as preventing violence by law enforcement. Thank or spank your legislators as necessary, and then reach out for other levels of government, like the state, county and city where you live. We are behind. Goleta up the road has one, and the whole state of Wisconsin does too.

Action #2: We added on to our previous “HELP WANTED” post ( to reach out to those 1% guys who are also funders of progressive causes. Schwartzenegger wants to help bankroll counties struggling to keep polling places open. How about asking some others to help pay the Jim Crow ransom for over 700,000 former felons in Florida, who are now forced to pay off legal fees before they can vote again?

Action #3: This one is actually pretty exciting. Tell your legislators you support the “I am Vanessa Guillén” Act and to push it though quickly. It has bi-partisan support.

Tonight, there’s an online music and storytelling event called “Dear Beloved.” Three mothers who’ve lost their children to gun violence read letters they’ve written for them, accompanied by music.

If you didn’t get to Wednesday’s actions, they are all still “Live.”


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