Trump Lied — I Still Could Die

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Today’s taped revelations about Donald Trump’s knowledge of how devastating COVID-19 would be aren’t surprising. 

Perhaps it will be more clearly represented in Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, but the clear motivation for Trump’s downplaying the effects of the virus wasn’t because he was worried about panicking people, but rather he was afraid of panicking investors and watching the stock market plunge. 

The economy was his greatest argument for re-election, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to keep his major electoral advantage, including watching his own countrymen and women die. 

Recall how quickly Trump pushed states to reopen businesses, schools and other large events. For a man whose reality existed in the unreality of a semi-scripted series, it was easy to pretend that the virus was less deadly than it was, that mask-wearing was not necessary, nor was social distancing. Hydroxychloroquine as a cure-all … a miracle. The need for widespread testing and contact tracing … overblown. Just don’t count the cases and they magically don’t exist (except they really do). 

I have never believed a word Trump has said about coronavirus. But that will not save me. 

Because I am severely autoimmune compromised, contracting COVID could be my death. Plus, I have the co-morbidities of high blood pressure and being older than 65. 

So I stay at home mostly, living a virtual life on Twitter, Zoom and Google Duo, working as hard as I am able to ensure that Trump and those who have enabled him are not elected this November. 

I hope he fully understands he is soon to be fired. But then again, he was only playacting when he said those words each week on TV. 

Just like he has only been playing at being president for the past four years.

But I am not playing. #IWillVote in November for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and every Democrat on the ballot. 

I hope other voters will get real with me and do the same. 

Please click here for Teri Kanefield’s look at the Woodward tapes:

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Cheryle Johnson is a former reporter, PR/HR Manager living in Metro Atlanta. She is an award winning journalist and poet.

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  1. When I read your story it is so similar to mine. Since March, I’ve only left my home twice. People complain that they are against another lock down, they refuse to wear masks and participate in large gatherings, but what they don’t realize that there are many people like us. We have such serious health problems and because of their reckless behaviors, we have become lonely prisoners in our own homes. I was used to being active in things, especially Democrat politics. Now I must live like a recluse. I’m happy I’m still alive, but I get angry at people who just don’t care about helping to keep their fellow Americans safe.

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